SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, March 20, and Sunday, March 26:

Monday, March 20

A.M. 7:41, Keady Way, party in lobby regarding civil matter; 10:27, School Street, parking complaint.

P.M. 12:52, Benjamin Road, raccoon reported sick, possibly rabid; 2:16, Patterson Road, general disturbance; 3:53, Walker Road, burglar alarm; 8:32, ambulance sent to Leominster Road.

Tuesday, March 21

A.M. 12:37, ambulance sent to Squannacook Road, 1:03, Leominster Road, assisted other departments; 11:52, Walker Road, unwanted persons investigation.

P.M. 1:21, Keady Way, party in lobby to speak with officer; 5:13, Benjamin Road, animal complaint; 5:39, Lancaster Road, disabled motor vehicle; 7:31, Lawton Road, suspicious persons;

Wednesday, March 22

A.M. 6:42, Harvard Road, male party reported living in the woods; 7:30, Whitney Street, abandoned call; 7:57, Keady Way, party in lobby to speak with Sgt.; 8:03, Ayer Road, general services; 9:38, Lancaster Road, Fire Department dispatched for blasting detail.

P.M. 3:17, Center Road, traffic citation; 3:25, Longley Trace, missing persons; 3:29, Center Road, traffic citation; 3:44, ambulance sent to Longley Trace; 3:54, Front Street, harassment complaint; 4:03, ambulance sent to Amanda Lane; 4:20, Keady Way, found German Shepherd; 4:44, Ayer Road, vandalism; 5:28, Keady Way, general services; 7:18, Lawton Road, burglar alarm; 7:37, Keady Way, missing subject from previous call into station; 7:57, ambulance sent to Fredonian Street; 10:15, Madigan Lane, assisted Ayer Police Department; 10:52, Keady Way, general services.

Thursday, March 23

A.M. 12:17, Front Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 2:00, Harvard Road, site check for individual suspected to be living in the woods, 6:58, Harvard Road, officers on foot checking area; 8:32, ambulance sent to Townsend Road.

P.M. 12:07, ambulance sent to Front Street, 1:29, Fredonian Street, served summons; 4:40, Lancaster Road, traffic citation; 5:06, Keady Way, group of youths cleared from Hazen Library steps; 5:21, Ayer Road, traffic citation; 5:46, Lancaster Road, traffic citation; 9:28, Massachusetts Avenue, animal hit by motor vehicle.

Friday, March 24

A.M. 10:56, Fire Department sent to Parker Road to investigate smell of burning.

P.M. 2:06, Longley Road, group disturbance; 3:50, Squannacook Road, suspicious persons; 4:24, Clark Road, recreational vehicle complaint; 7:32, Ayer Road, assault; 10:34, Groton Road, speeding complaint.