GROTON — In a final step before the annual town meeting, the Board of Selectmen voted to take positions on 27 warrant articles ranging from spending issues to amendments to the town’s bylaws.

Among the articles reviewed on Monday, the board chose to recommend measures that would:

Give the Board of Selectmen the authority to apply for state, federal or private grants.

Provide compensation for elected officials including $950 for selectmen, $1,100 for the chairman of the Board of Selectmen, $850 for Assessors, $1,000 for the chairman of the Board of Assessors, $65 for the town moderator, $55,600 for the town clerk, $64,688 for the highway surveyor and $1,377 for the tree warden. Amounts are to include a 2.5 percent cost of living increase.

Ask residents to approve the distribution of $92,000 in Community Preservation Act funds for open space preservation, $92,000 for the historic resource reserve, $92,000 for the community housing reserve, $598,000 for the fiscal year 2006 budget reserve and $46,000 for Community Preservation Committee operating expenses.

Ask residents to approve the operating budget of the Groton Country Club, and a change in the bylaws regarding the establishment of the club that would remove references to the Recreation Authority.

Seek the expenditure of $100,000 for the purchase of a new dump truck for the Highway Department, $350,000 for a new fire engine for the Fire Department and $52,000 for the purchase of a new baler for the transfer station.

Amend the town’s bylaws by eliminating references to a “personnel administrator,” which will be replaced by “personnel manager.”

Ask residents to approve accepting a number of small parcels for open space preservation including one each on Boathouse Road and Redskin Trail for a total acreage of 8,200 square feet. Both parcels will help provide buffers and public access for local wetlands.

For similar reasons, parcels located on Old Dunstable, Reedy Meadow, Wallace, and Lowell roads totaling almost 10 acres will also be preserved.

Ask residents to approve a demolition delay bylaw intended to add protection to the town’s older structures without infringing on the rights of property owners.

The purpose of the bylaw would be to protect structures that reflect the cultural, political, architectural or social history of the town and encourage the owners of such structures to seek out people who might be willing to purchase, preserve, rehabilitate or restore the buildings they would like to remove. The board’s vote to recommend the measure was split 3-1 with Mihran Keoseian in dissent.

Increase the tax exemption for elderly, blind or disabled veterans from $500 to $1,000.

Amend the town’s zoning bylaws to require applicants for special permits proposing flexible developments comprised of 10 living units or more to reserve at least 15 percent of the units as affordable housing.

Amend the town’s bylaws to delete references to soil erosion and sediment control and replace them with a new storm water management clause that would be in conformance with federal mandate.

Accept Rockwood Lane as a public way.

Approve a petition sponsored by Sawtelle Drive resident Damon Irby involving a request that the town give up its right to a disused easement on his property that designates part of it for use as a detention pond.

The board chose to take no action on a number of articles. These include those dealing with the town’s FY07 budget, changes to parking requirements and a requirement that all retired town employees that are eligible sign up for Medicare instead of the town’s insurance policy.

Instead, the selectmen will wait until the night of town meeting to make their decisions.