PEPPERELL — The Pepperell Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, April 10, at 8 p.m., to address proposed changes to the town’s Open Space Residential (OSRD) bylaw, as well as other zoning changes.

According to Mark Archambault of the Nashua River Watershed Association, the proposed changes “address several deficiencies in the existing bylaw, such as the lack of a minimum amount of required open space, making it more useful to the town while providing modest incentives for applicants to make developing an OSRD subdivision worth their effort.”

Archambault, a former Hollis-Brookline town planner, has been collaborating with Pepperell planning administrator Inez Gove over the past several months to review and refine the proposed changes to the bylaw. Both Gove and Archambault have been using a state-of-the-art Massachusetts Smart Growth Toolkit which, according to the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, “provides easy access to information on 12 different planning, zoning and subdivision techniques that will make smart growth a reality in your community.”

Archambault has made a number of appearances to various boards and town officials over the past year to keep them abreast of the changes.