SHIRLEY — Come experience the fascinating courtship ritual of the American Woodcock at Longley Acres Conservation Area.

This chunky sandpiper species is famous for its song and flight during the spring mating season. The male woodcock gives a series of buzzing, nasally “peent” calls from the ground before launching into a spiraling flight high above the ground. Accompanied by a sweet twittering song, he then zigzags back to earth like a falling leaf.

These displays typically occur in open fields at dawn and dusk. As of last week, woodcocks have been seen and heard at dusk in the hayfields near the Longley Acres Conservation Area farmhouse.

You are welcome to stop by to witness this fantastic display. Arrive on whatever day you can between 6 and 6:30 p.m. to allow for the best opportunity to hear and hopefully see this spring performance. Longley Acres is located at 27 Whitney Rd.