After reading the letter in last weeks paper entitled ‘Ayer Politics 101’ and discussing it with some other residents, I felt the need to respond.

I agree that it is important for everyone interested in Ayer to be informed about the candidates and cast their vote on April 24.

However, as one of the residents that consistently attend Town Meeting, watch the Selectman’s Meetings and vote in Town Elections, I take exception with the notion that only a few people are making the decisions in town. I have found the Town Meeting especially to contain lively and sometimes heated debates on varied topics. Although the vote is often decided by a small margin this suggests to me a balanced group of people on both sides of an issue. Would it be better if everything passed by a landslide?

As for the so-called infamous “2-3” Board of Selectman, again, would we prefer a board that consistently decided matters unanimously? Would this truly be a board that represents all the residents of Ayer? Regarding the two Selectman that are criticized for being outspoken they were after all elected by the residents suggesting that some people in town value the importance of varying points of view.

There are as always many important issues facing the town and I think that it is important the board continues to be diverse. I will also be voting on April 24 for the candidates that best represent my views on the town’s direction. I hope that everyone that is concerned with Ayer’s future votes for people that will not push their own agenda but who will represent the many different people that make up the town of Ayer.