Last week Suzanne Mahoney, our LAW principal, handed in a letter of resignation to our Superintendent. Suzanne stated that she would be leaving at the end of this school year. After speaking with Suzanne, it became clear that this decision was not made based on pay or personal reasons, but rather on rumors and innuendo circulating that her job was not secure. After speaking with Suzanne and apprising her of the situation we are currently in, she has decided to retract her letter of resignation. The School Committee approved a three-year contract with her a month ago because we value her as principal of L.A.W. and we feel that her leadership of that school has been successful over the past three years.

After Suzanne’s resignation was accepted by our Superintendent last week, I received an e-mail simply stating that she had resigned and “we need administrative stability at this time.” I couldn’t agree more. With the placement of Tom Casey as interim principal at Shirley Middle School, and retaining Suzanne Mahoney at L.A.W., our schools are in competent hands.

The process for selecting an interim superintendent will be completed within the next two weeks for final approval by the School Committee. This puts us in position to start the nine-to-twelve month process of searching for a new Superintendent with the aid and direction of the search company NESDEC. This process will allow all parts of Shirley; officials, parents, teachers, and taxpayers to be included in the selection.

Change is not an easy thing, but a necessary one. The last few years have not been easy, with budget reductions and administrative instability just to name a few. Shirley is lucky to have many dedicated, hard-working people involved in the educational system. With changes on the horizon, an environment will be created that will allow the people to concentrate on further improving the quality of education that we are providing our children. In the end, focusing on improving the learning environment is the most important goal of all.



Shirley School Committee