Lottery cap change, rewrite could add $1,500 per student


SHIRLEY — The House budget is looking good, Sen. Pamela Resor, D-Acton, said at a meeting of the Shirley Democratic Town Committee last week.

At that time, it was likely the state lottery cap will be removed, she said just before the news that House speaker Salvatore Dimasi announced that figures after the cap on lottery aid is removed would be released in the forthcoming budget.

Figures released in the state cherry sheet total a proposed additional $263,000 for Shirley under the town’s Lottery Aid fund.

Resor is also working in favor of rewrites that would “set a floor of $1,500 per student” under Chapter 70 funding. This would require the state to contribute a minimum $1,500 per student in every city and town. Across the board, that figure represents about a $300 million dollar increase, she said.

”Right now we’re hearing from every agency and every advocacy group,” she said.

Resor said she would like to see that before taxes are lowered, at least until the budget gets back to 2001 funding.

By next week, Resor said she expects the School Nutrition Bill will be passed.

In addition, the final agreement for the health care bill should be in from the Conference Committee, according to Resor.

Members of the Democratic Town Committee asked Resor what her thoughts are on the bill to change the legal driving age in Massachusetts.

”That issue hadn’t really been talked about until it was in the (Boston Globe),” Resor said.

As a parent, Resor said, there is very little time that can be spent driving with one’s children in order to influence their habits. Extending the length of time on the learner’s permit would be preferable.

”They really need to have the participation of the parents,” Resor said.

In towns like Shirley, where public transportation is not available, kids need to have the ability to be somewhat independent and self-sufficient, but they need more oversight, Resor said.