HARVARD — The Police, Fire and Ambulance Departments responded to the following incidents from Monday, March 27, to Sunday, April 2:

Monday, March 27

A.M. 2:12, Mass Avenue, Boxborough, assist other police department, arrest; 7:47, Bromfield School, medical call, transport one person to hospital; 8:49, Prospect Hill Road and Madigan Lane, loose dog, animal control officer notified.

P.M. 2:00, police station, general services; 4:39, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:17, Mass Avenue and Boxborough town line, erratic operator, not located; 10:40, Bromfield School, found pocket book; returned to owner; 10:45 Prospect Hill Road, dead deer in road.

Tuesday, March 28

A.M. 1:15, school, check parked vehicle, 5:43, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 5:52, Ayer Road, traffic stop, summons issued to driver, license had been revoked, vehicle towed; 7:35 Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:23, Mass Avenue, fire alarm; 8:23, Finn Road, motor vehicle accident; 10:53, Simon Atherton Way, brush fire; 11:12, school, general services.

P.M. 7:28, Prospect Hill Road at overlook, check parked vehicle; 8:52, Prospect Hill Road overlook, check area; 8:52, Still River Road, check cemetery grounds; 9:36, Bolton Road, medical, lift assist; 10:22, Pond Road and beach, check area.

Wednesday, March 29

A.M. 7:54, school, stolen property reported; 4:43, station, request to speak to police officer; 5:17, Ayer Road, commercial alarm; 11:08 Pinnacle Road, fire alarm.

Thursday, March 30

A.M. 9:49, Finn Road, mutual aid, contact Harvard resident for Concord Police; 10:43, Bromfield, police requested, domestic issue.

P.M. 12:00, Orchard Hill Road, suspicious vehicle, 2:44, Bolton Road, motor vehicle lockout; 7:02, Sherry Road, medical call; 7:14, Mass Avenue, Boxborough town line, mutual aid.

Friday, March 31

A.M. 1:22, school, check parked tractor trailer; 2:10, Ayer Road and Myrick Lane, traffic stop.

P.M. 5:25, Ayer Road, request to speak to police officer; 7:38, Ayer Road and town line, erratic operator, not located; 9:18, Ayer and Poor Farm roads, traffic stop; 10:47, general store, check parked vehicle.

Saturday, April 1

A.M. 1:33, Pond Road, check parked vehicle; 1:35, Ayer Road, check parked vehicle; 1:48, same; 3:35, Ayer Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 8:35, Still River Road, motor vehicle lockout; 9:23, West Bare Hill and Scott roads, speeding complaint.

P.M. 6:06, Still River Road, traffic stop; 6:34, Mass Avenue and Littleton County Road, traffic stop.

Sunday, April 2

A.M. 1:26, Mass Avenue and Boxborough town line, suspicious motor vehicle; 9:58, Bolton Road, medical call.

P.M. 12:27, Bolton Road, residential alarm; 1:31, Littleton Road, fire without permit, resident told to extinguish it; 1:45, smoking power lines, electric company notified; 7:13, Mass Avenue and Slough Road, traffic stop; 9:43, Ayer Road, check parked vehicle.