HARVARD — The next meeting of the Garden Club will be full of information including horticultural notes on growing vegetables such as heirloom tomatoes organically, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tips for those berries and fruits that refuse to thrive organically, and raised garden beds for lower income families. The meeting will be held on Monday, Mar. 27, at St. Theresa’s Church.

Katy Deyst and Cindy Buhner, the founders of “Growing Places,” will make a brief presentation on their volunteer group which as helped families in 19 towns raise both fresh vegetables and their consciousness about better food choices for the past five years. Deyst and Buhner, along with local organic and IPM fruit and vegetable producers Mary Craumer, of Astrolabe Farms; Karen Green, of Westward Orchards; and Mary Helan Turner, of Friendly Crossways Bees and Berries, will join Ray Mong, of Applefield Farm in Stow, for a panel discussion of horticultural practices appropriate for Harvard.

The program will start about 1 p.m., and the public is invited to attend.

For information call (978) 456 3649.