On cable access the other night, a familiar scene was playing out where Selectman Conley was ranting on about something or other at an Ayer BOS meeting. But what stood out was her statement that she never gets a chance to talk about her issues, as the meetings are always running late. This struck me as humorous as one of the reasons Selectmen’s meetings go late is her proclivity for ranting on about everything on the agenda. This brought to mind the well-known children’s story, “Chicken Little.”

To remind the readers, this is the tale of a young chicken who had an acorn land on his head and immediately proclaims, “The sky is falling!” What then ensues is he convinces others of his delusion and they form a committee to pursue this matter with the king. The king politely brings them back to reality. As a regular reader of this paper you probably noticed that the negative press generated by the Ayer Community Preservation Committee (CPC) has dissipated. That is because our intrepid Ms. Conley has left the CPC for greener fields, (and trees with more acorns falling from the heavens) to the Board of Selectmen.

So that brings me to the point of this letter. To make the noise she makes you need supporters, and one of her CPC cohorts now wants to join her on the BOS, Mr. Gary Luca. In his announcements as a candidate, Mr. Luca basically states he is fed up with the self-serving rantings on the BOS. This is where the humor stops. Mr. Luca had 18 months on the CPC to show us how he might vote if elected to the BOS. He claims he supports preserving open space in his run for Selectman. So why did he vote with Conley against open-space funding, until the citizens demanded the CPC fund it? He talks of his commitment to schools. So where does he really stand given Ms. Conley’s position, stated in a letter to the editor a few years back that, “40 kids per class is finez”? Mr. Luca states that the Devens Disposition is the most important issue facing the town. If he is so concerned about this piece of sky falling down on us then where was he for the last year and a half when meeting after meeting for Disposition was held to find out the truth? The question you need to ask is, why is he running for Selectman?

Last year, Ms. Conley was elected and she and Maxant’s behavior on the BOS have wasted many hours trying to satisfy this dysfunctional duo’s own paranoid version of the world. Imagine the chaos with them having the majority vote. Let’s be clear. The rancor that plagues the BOS did not exist before Ms. Conley’s arrival and the tranquility that has settled on the CPC is because she and her followers are no longer the majority vote.

In this story there is no kindly king to straighten out the deluded young chicken. Just you, the voter in Ayer, can prevent this Grimm fairy tale from running our local government.