TOWNSEND — Candidates for the superintendent of schools position have mixed emotions about returning for another round of interviews, with one saying she is researching options other than North Middlesex.

Dr. Nadine Binkley, currently the superintendent of the Peabody public schools, said she spoke to Dr. Louis Amadeo, representative for the Merrimack Education Center.

”I asked him a few questions, and I have not made up my mind if I will go back to North Middlesex for another interview,” Binkley said. “I am researching other options, as North Middlesex has not made any decision.”

Dr. Mark Masterson, the current superintendent for the Maynard district, said he would be interested in coming back to speak to the committee if the opportunity presents itself.

”I can understand this is a difficult and important decision the committee has to make,” Masterson said. “It is especially hard when following someone like Mr. McCormick, who has been there for such a long time.”

The School Committee was expected to name either Binkley or Masterson as the new superintendent during the Monday night meeting, but could not agree on either candidate, The committee instead requested another round of interviews, and discussed meeting with other candidates that did not make the final round.

Masterson said he was not insulted by the committee’s desire to interview other candidates before making a decision.

”I cannot say I am unbothered, but this job is a ‘public figure’ one and I think you have to have a very tough skin when it comes to making hard decisions,” he said.

Both candidates said they received calls from Amadeo after the Monday night meeting.

”As I said, I have not decided yet,” Binkley said. “I’m afraid I cannot comment either way on whether I will go back.”

Masterson said he will continue to be frank and honest with the committee during another interview, if one is requested.

”I responded directly the first time around, and I will once again offer my perspective on whatever issue they want to talk about,” Masterson said.

Binkley received some support from the School Committee on Monday night, but not enough to close the deal. She received four of the nine votes, which is not a majority.

”That and $3.75 will buy you a latte at Starbucks,” she joked.