Budget picture improves with police station debt now paid


TOWNSEND — Town administrator Gregory Barnes gave the Board of Selectmen a quick overview of the budget for fiscal 2007 on Tuesday night.

Chairman Daniel Murphy asked for a quick picture, noting the Finance Committee will discuss the entire budget with the board on April 18.

”With the level-funded budget at this point, we are looking at plugging in $734,670 from free cash to make the budget work,” Barnes explained.

He said the numbers for the shortfall could possibly go down due to the school budget not being completed as of yet.

”Also, with some good news, the lottery money has been uncapped so we could receive an additional $200,000 in money from the state,” Barnes said.

Debt service amounts have gone down, Barnes said, as the debt for the police station is now paid off.

”We don’t have that expense, or interest on that note, which is now officially paid off,” he told the board.

Selectman Peter Collins congratulated the town for paying off the note.

”Well folks, congratulations … the police station is now ours,” he quipped.