Boat storage stickers given out by lottery this year


Dear Boaters:

The boating season is quickly approaching. This year the Park and Rec is offering online sign-up for canoe/kayak storage stickers and mooring stickers. Please visit for more information. If you prefer to use paper, the forms are also available in a printable format online.

This year the cost of the mooring stickers is $40 and the cost of the canoe/kayak storage stickers is $20.

The stickers will be distributed by lottery this year with the lottery to be held May 19. Winners will be notified by e-mail and the stickers will be sent out the following week. If you sign up and pay online and do not receive a sticker, your credit card or PayPal account will be promptly credited.

Because of the overwhelming number of people requesting storage rack stickers last year, we ran out of rack stickers early in the season. This year we are restricting the number of rack stickers to two per family. We are also asking people with two small kayaks to place them on a single rack slot. Last year several families volunteered to do this and it was very helpful in freeing up a few more spots for others.

Moorings are restricted to one per family.

If there are any stickers still available after May 19, they can be purchased from the staff at the beach after June 17.

The storage racks will be available June 6. Please do not bring your boats to the beach area until the racks are in place. Boats may not be left on the ground at the beach. Boats left on the ground at the beach are subject to removal at the owners cost and risk.

Safe Boating,