”The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.” – Montesquieu

I have watched the last two meetings of the Groton Water Department. I heard the chairman and the commissioners in essence beg for public input. I said input, not support.

The meeting was held on Tuesday night, March 28.

From a base of well over a thousand ratepayers, ONE ratepayer showed up.

The Groton Water Department is now between a puddle and a flood. Mandated conservation means less revenue. Continuous conspicuous consumption of water to keep lawns green may add revenue but it does not help to meet the conservation goals. In fact one of the largest business consumers has informed the Water Department that they expect to use around 4700 gallons-per-day during the summer months for irrigation.

When the scientists tell me there may once have been water on the planet Mars, then I start to worry.

The state has mandated conservation of water and will allow 85 gallons per-person per-day. This means that over a 90-day period, one person will be allotted approximately nine units of water. A five-person household would be allotted 45 units.

At the Groton Water Department Web site, there is a list of many ways to conserve water. This list could be made available to the ratepayers at billing time, or upon request.

My own plan, which employs some of the suggestions of the department, is to put soap in my pockets and wash the car during a rainstorm.

The word Veteran evolved from the Latin word VETERANUS, meaning old, of long experience.

The general public today defines a veteran as a former member of the armed forces, particularly during wartime.

However, there is another, perhaps older definition of the term Veteran, which Webster’s defines as a person of long experience in politics, a profession, or some other occupation or skill.

In my opinion the brave women and men who occupied the first settlements that later became the towns of Dunstable and Groton are part of this group of unsung heroes.

The thousands of volunteers elected and appointed who helped Groton and Dunstable grow and prosper, and the teachers and educators who supply knowledge to the youths, and the youths who absorbed this knowledge are part of this latter group.

I am not the forgetting the Veterans who answered the call to duty in war and peace. We can never forget how they first won our freedom and then preserved it and the Union throughout the years.

Webster’s defines MEMORIAL as something that keeps remembrance alive.

Lest we forget.

Semper Fi