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Vandalism prompts trustees to install camera at library


SHIRLEY — Technology Advisory Board Chairman Richard Dill appeared before library trustees requesting approval to affix a video security camera on the side of the Hazen Memorial Library.

Dill has been working with police officials to install a security network monitoring the perimeter of municipal buildings on Keady Way, the parking lots surrounding them and Shirley Middle School grounds.

Using remote cameras, police will be able to monitor the areas 24 hours a day, with the ability to view up to 16 frames of digital recordings.

Resident John Soltesz agreed to perform the installation at a cost that came in at a third out of several quotes given by other companies, said Dill.

”He went above and beyond,” he said. He assured trustees that Soltesz is very reasonable and has been accommodating other town entities during the installation process.

Member Bobbi Jo Colburn asked Dill how much electricity the camera uses.

The camera will draw electricity from one 110-volt jack, Dill said, using energy equivalent to a 60-watt light bulb.

”That’s your contribution to the project,” Dill said.

”We are probably one of the least funded entities of the town,” said Chairperson Eileen Garcia-Smith.

Director Debra Roy has done a great deal to benefit the town, she said.

The library has already had to adjust line items in their budget because of costs incurred and under-funding, she said.

The library is considered the least important entity in town, said Secretary Cornelia Donovan, even though they are a town entity.

Treasurer Thomas Lynch said he is opposed to the installation on principle, but added, “I think we have to do it.”

Members also expressed concern that the entrance of the library may not be fully covered by the placement of the cameras.

”We have had issues where we’ve had vandalism, and we can’t identify the perpetrators,” said Garcia-Smith.

Vandalism has been a problem behind the pillars at the rear entrance of the library. Dill said this area will be covered when a camera is installed at the corner of the gym at the middle school.

Following the discussion, trustees voted in favor of installing the camera at the library.

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