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Sinking flag fund-raiser to benefit Bromfield rowing team


HARVARD — Supporters of the Bromfield rowing team have a unique idea for a fund-raiser to support rowing at Bromfield. It is to guess the exact time that the ice on Bare Hill Pond will melt and sink a flagpole set out on it.

Harvard resident Don Girard has built a clever device for recording the exact date, hour and minute the flagpole drops as the ice melts toward the end of winter. When the flagpole drops, a large day/date clock is rigged to stop running.

The flagpole was implanted in the ice near the town beach by Girard and David Cruise on Sunday. The pond does not seem to be as frozen as in past years due to the unseasonably warm January weather, said Girard. If temperatures remain warm, the flag may sink before the fund-raiser can start.

A “Danger Thin Ice” sign posted at the town beach serves as a reminder that the ice is dangerous.

Proceeds will help the Bromfield rowing program purchase and repair boats and other equipment. The details for participation will be announced in the near future pending final approval to operate a raffle by the chief of police. Information about the fund-raiser will appear in this paper and around Harvard.

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