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SHIRLEY — Local democrats have chosen their delegates for the State Democratic Convention in June. Shirley has a full slate with three delegates. The delegates were elected by registered Democrats at our caucus on Saturday, Feb. 4, at the Shirley Municipal Building.

The elected delegates are Elizabeth Keddy and Miriam Ursua. Charline Oelfke was elected as the alternate delegate. Town Committee Chairman John Oelfke will also attend the convention as a delegate in his capacity as chairman of the Shirley Democratic Town Committee. Each of our delegates has pledged to support Deval Patrick for the Democratic Governor’s nomination and we are all Undeclared in the other contested races at this time

The Convention will be held on June 2 and 3 at the DCU Center in Worcester. At that time, Democrats from across the state will gather to endorse candidates for the office of auditor, treasurer, attorney general, secretary of the commonwealth, lieutenant governor, governor and U.S. Senator.

The names of those candidates who receive 15 percent of the state convention vote will be placed on the Sept. 19 democratic primary ballot. We urge all democrats and independents to read about the candidates over the next few months, and decide who best agrees with your ideas on the issues. Once you have the facts you will be able to vote in September. You do make a difference, and your vote does count.

”We democrats are really excited about both the caucuses and the upcoming convention,” said Chairman Oelfke. “We had large numbers of people who took the time to come out and take part on a Saturday. I am looking forward to the Convention and meeting some of the great democratic candidates.”

For information about becoming involved in the local committee visit the Web site at or e-mail to

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