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SHIRLEY — Sponsored by the Shirley PTA, two well-received parent workshops, will be presented that are tailored to the parents of students of all ages on Monday, Feb. 13, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the Shirley Middle School library.

”The Language of Children,” by Donna Shea, a behaviorist and parent educator with a B.A. from Lesley University in behavioral science. Shea is the Peter Pan Center’s Director in Groton, Mass.

The center is a response to the needs of families raising challenging children. It works with parents to learn strategies, resources, understanding and how to create a welcoming environment.

Staff members work as consultants to families focusing on teaching and effective parenting techniques, and offering programs geared towards children’s social and behavioral success.

The approach is directive and solution-based. It utilizes collaborative problem-solving, creative ideas, suggestions, strategies, homework assignments and referrals to other resources as necessary.

Donna works in collaboration with numerous resources and professionals to address the needs of families struggling with learning, behavioral and social challenges. She also acts as a behavioral consultant to local pre-schools, schools, parent groups and human service agencies.

”The Language of Children,” helps children communicate with us through their behavior. Young children especially are limited in their words and abilities to express their feelings. Behavior problems may occur when we misunderstand what our child is trying to tell us.

Parents may find themselves continuously disciplining the same behaviors, and wondering why their children keep repeating them. This workshop will help parents get under the behavior and discover what it is their children are trying to tell them. It gives you simple but effective tools for managing behavior issues. We’ll explore the role of development, how to read your children’s temperament and share strategies to assist parents in better understanding the language of behavior.

On Wednesday, Feb. 15, from 7 to 9 p.m., in the Shirley Middle School library, come experience “Anger Management Skills for Families,” by Donna Shea. This is a workshop focused on anger management for families.

During this workshop, parents will gain a better understanding of anger, and uncover the patterns of anger in their own home. Families will learn strategies to manage anger, communicate rather than retaliate, and develop more positive methods of interaction and discipline.

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