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TOWNSEND — The North Middlesex Regional School District announced the 2006 recipients of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors based upon their performance on the MCAS administered in the spring of their sophomore year. Recipients are eligible to receive free tuition to Massachusetts State Colleges and Universities. The recipients are as follows:

Willow Alves, Heather Araujo, Melissa Baldwin, Jessie Benoit, Bethany Bickmore, Grant Boucher, Kaylie Bourgeois, Kelly Brough, Darcy Brown, Kaitlin Bruner, Kyle Buchholz, Kelsey Byron, Bryon Calawa, Jason Caimichael, Ashley Chambers, Austin Chenelle, Bethany Chester, Derek Clement, Jodi Cleveland, Dylan Coleman-Tunstall, Jillian Collins, Patrick Craigen, Timothy Crory, Ashley Cunha, Kathryn Dalton, MaryJayne Danforth, Stephanie Davis, Joanna Deignan , Jennifer Donohuc, Jessica Durette, Katie Flanigan, Miranda Fortenberry, Rachel Foster, Brian Franklin, David Gagnon, Kimberly Garafola, Paul Giacobbe, Shelley Glow, Tanya Griffith, Laria Hambleton, Steven Hamel, Nicole Howell, Laura Jastrab, Kelly Anne Johnson, Jennifer Johnston, Matthew Kimbar, Michelle Kincaid, Emilie Lorden, Maxfield MacPhee, Anthony Marciello, Brendan McCann, Amanda McLeman, Kevin MeMurray, Andrew Metcaife, Kaitlyn Miklinevich, Terrence Morse, Danielle Mosher, Tiffany Nordhaus, Daniel O’Gorman, Lauren Pecukonis, Ashley Perry, Maria Pothier, Charles Quimby, Brendon Rearick, Joel Reed, Rebecca Rideout, Usa Robichaud, April Roife, Michael Schuize, Nicholas Shah, Heather Shattuck, Rebecca Shuford, Sarah Silveria, Kyle Sleczkowski, William Stecchi, Casey Thompson, Sarah Thonis, David Urbanowski, Kim Vaillancomt, John Vanderkeyl, Margaret Virzi, Joanne Wheeler, Leigha Wholey and Charles Young.

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