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TOWNSEND — The investigation into the death of a 7-year-old boy in Lunenburg is ongoing, according to Lunenburg Chief of Police Daniel Bourgeois.

Connor Lourens was killed in a dog attack on Saturday at his friend’s house on 59 Easter Brook Rd.

During a weekend press conference, information was released stating that the boy had died of injuries sustained in the attack.

”We are still looking into if the attack occurred in the doorway of the neighbor’s home,” Bourgeois said. “We will have further information available through the District Attorney’s Office later this week.”

School counselors have been implementing Good Grief, a program to help school children deal with the death of a classmate, said Superintendent of Schools Loxi Jo Calmes.

”The program was implemented as part of our protocol. Connor’s death had a direct impact on all of our schools,” Calmes said.

Good Grief is a widely adopted program thought many school systems, she said.

”It is a protocol that many professionals use when dealing with school children of different ages. You talk differently to high school students than you do to elementary schools children. It helps them deal with their grieving,” Calmes said.

The Lunenburg schools also had counselors for a parental education night on Tuesday.

”Parents need to know how to deal with their children when a classmate dies,” Calmes said. “We provided the educational protocol for them as well.”

The circumstance of Connor’s death affected two families on a very profound level, said Calmes.

”We, as a school system, will continue to provide for all of the students and families the help they may need to deal with what has happened,” she said.

Elizabeth Stamos, spokesperson for District Attorney John Conti’s Office, said the investigation is still on going and no further information is available at this time.

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