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Increased security measures approved for high school


GROTON — The School Committee recently reviewed a proposed policy governing the use of new security cameras installed at the high school.

Wording in the policy states that the position of the district is that “all reasonable steps should be identified and undertaken to ensure the safety and fiscal welfare of the educational environment,” and “the school district recognizes that the use of video surveillance equipment can discourage security infractions and, therefore, promote the security and safety of the students, staff, and community.”

The policy provides guidelines on where surveillance cameras may be set up and prohibits them in areas where there is a “reasonable expectation of privacy” such as bathrooms, locker rooms and private offices.

The School Committee approved the installation of up to 46 cameras at the high school last August. No staff is assigned to monitor the cameras on a 24-hour basis, but film recordings will be available for review if an incident is reported.

The School Committee has also voted to approve new policy language regarding the Criminal Offender Records Information requirements.

The new policy would require all district employees and privately employed persons such as bus drivers involved with contact with children to undergo a background check for criminal history. Prospective employees will be required to sign a release form allowing the district to view any records from a criminal history systems board.

Any information received would be held in confidence with restricted access and kept separate from ordinary personnel files.

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