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On the theory that it’s never too late to say thanks, this is a belated expression of gratitude to all those involved in making the Garden Club of Harvard’s (GCH) Holiday Floral Arrangement evening a success.

It was standing room only at St. Benedict’s Center last Nov. 28 as 81 women and four men settled in for an evening of entertainment by Master Floral Designer, Kenn Stephens. Kenn, who had already made six Yule-themed arrangements earlier that afternoon at the regular GCH meeting, had laid out eight nontraditional containers and several hundred dollars worth of blooms and greens. He carefully tied his apron, said a few words to his assistant, the lovely Lois Frampton, brandished his curved cutting knife, and let the fun begin.

After the demonstrations and questions and answers, the arrangements were raffled off, except for the Advent design which was donated to the St. Benedict’s chapel. Then the audience made a beeline to a fabulous dessert buffet, devouring almost everything, and leaving very little for the clean-up crew.

The event, which was a fund-raiser for new library landscaping, was also co-sponsored by the Trustees of the Harvard Public Library. Many thanks to Ginger Kendall and the other trustees for supporting the activity, which netted an estimated $1400 for landscaping projects.

I am very grateful to the many hands that made the work light including GCH publicist Julie Moberly, hostess Alice Gebura and her crew of Garden Club and Friends of the Library members, registrar Rachel Oglesby and program “aunties” Mimi Dorward and Marty Green. Special thanks to Father James for turning on the heat way in advance, to Mario Cardenas for making sure Kenn could be heard in the back of the hall, to Diane Newton for hauling flowers and centerpieces and to Susan Leeming for moving chairs and making sure Kenn got fed.


Program coordinator


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