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The reception for the first two weeks of ‘Losing to Win’ has been gratifying and thanks to everyone who has pledged thus far.

For those of you who don’t know, I am going on a weight-loss program from Jan. 23 to April 30, and asking for pledges. All money gained from those pledges will be given to the athletic directors of North Middlesex Regional High School, Groton Dunstable Regional High School, the Bromfield School, and Ayer High School. It will be handed out at Nashoba Publishing’s Third Annual Sports Night on May 25.

Anyone who pledges has the option of having the money go to a specific school. If no school is specified, the money will be divided among the four schools. I hope to be able to hand hefty checks to all four athletic directors when this is over.

Through two weeks, I have lost 13 pounds.

I would say that Ayer leads the way in responding so far, but I will be checking with all my AD’s this week to see how things are going. Each athletic director has a pledge sheet, and anyone desiring to pledge can call me at (978)772-0777 ext. 239.

Some other notes:

Kudos to Erik Dellasanta for the job he has done with the North Middlesex boys’ basketball team this season. The Pats suffered significant graduation losses, but are making a spirited run at the post-season berth. Dellasanta has the Pats playing hard, and any team that gives 100 percent is dangerous.

Congratulations to Adam Dombrowski for breaking the 1000-point barrier last week. He provided a tremendous third option for Groton Dunstable’s state final team when he was as sophomore, and has accepted the mantle as the go-to guy the last two seasons. He has a picture-perfect jump shot, but also has the athleticism to complement it. He is one of the best to ever don a Crusaders’ uniform.

Both Groton Dunstable and Ayer have solid feeder systems in place with strong freshmen and junior varsity boys teams. The future looks bright for both the Panthers and Crusaders.

It’s nice to have Greg Gillette back at Groton Dunstable, and he’s done a nice job with the Crusader freshmen boys team.

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