TOWNSEND — The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) of Squannacook Elementary School hosted a fund-raiser at McDonald’s, and it was labeled a success.

This was the second McDonald’s night they have held, said PTO President Karen Clement, “and we always make a few hundred dollars at them.”

The food chain donates 20 percent of all sales during a two-hour period to the school, said Clement.

The money goes to purchasing various non-line budget items for the students, she said.

“We put the funds toward items for the library, art and physical education departments for things they would like to have and are not included in their budgets,” she said.

The PTO likes to provide the school with items they cannot purchase out of their own funds, said Clement.

“There is always something the school, or any school, wants to buy that enhances the students’ experiences,” she said. “We are constantly looking for ways and means to raise money and this one is a winner every time. Hawthorne Brook Middle School has done them as well, and they always do good with them.”

“(This fund-raiser) is one of the best types. We only need five or so parents or staff to help out,” said Clement. “Everyone has to eat supper, and what better place to bring the family than to McDonald’s? They are very generous with the percentage they give us, and it is one way to raise money that is easier on us.”

Assistant Principal Beth Romano was manning the McFlurry machine for the two-hour event.

“It is a busy spot to be in,” she said. “The children love these, so we’re going through quite a few of them.”

The PTO likes to have the McDonald’s night while another school is hosting an event, said Principal Christine Morassi.

“The Spaulding School was having the kindergarten introduction night, so we had families going to that event then stopping in here for supper,” she said. “It is the total of all sales, not just from our families that we receive, so every person helps.”