AYER — Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Jan. 12 and Wednesday, Jan. 18:

Thursday, Jan. 12

A.M. 2:04, Main Street, traffic citation; 6:15, Isaacs Lane, ambulance; 6:39, Willard Street, ambulance; 8:44, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation.

Friday, Jan. 13

A.M. 12:00, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 12:33, Washington Street, general services; 12:34, Littleton Road, traffic citation for suspended registration, uninsured operation, and running a stop sign; 1:13, Vernon Street, suspicious activity; 1:21, West Main Street, suspicious activity at Pantheon Pizza; 2:04, Central Avenue, traffic citation; 2:59, Westford Road, burglar alarm at Shanklin Corporation; 7:25, Pond Street, general services; 9:38, East Main Street, restraining order violation at the Ayer District Court: a note was left on the vehicle of a woman visiting the court in violation of a no-contact stipulation in an existing order.

Saturday, Jan. 14

A.M. 12:29, Holmes Street, suspicious activity; 1:03, Jonathan Drive, suspicious activity; 2:26, Shirley Street, suspicious activity, window to a motor vehicle found broken; 3:19, Littleton Road, assisted citizen.

P.M. 2:25, ambulance sent to Hannaford; 4:59, Sandy Pond Road, ambulance; 6:16, Groton School Road, juvenile arrest: 16-year old charged with malicious destruction of property valued over $250, disturbing the peace and trespassing with a power vehicle; 6:37, Groton School Road, ambulance; 9:11, Main Street, suspicious activity at the Archer Mobil station.

Sunday, Jan. 15

A.M. 2:12, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 2:35, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 2:46, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity at McDonald’s; 3:26, Willard Street, Fire Department sent an engine in response to a fire in a trash can; 6:14, High Street, suspicious activity; 6:22, Main Street, suspicious activity at Town Hall; 8:28, Winthrop Avenue, vandalism; 9:41, Old Groton Road, suspicious activity; 11:24, Sandy Pond Road, general services; 11:52, Central Avenue, parking complaint.

Monday, Jan. 16

A.M. 2:14, Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity at the Turbo Lube; 3:03, Pleasant Street, Fire Department responded to a silent still alarm, sent an engine; 5:00, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 5:36, Groton Harvard Road, ambulance; 6:13, Littleton Road, vehicle accident; 6:21, ambulance sent as mutual aid to Littleton; 8:28, Harvard Road, vehicle accident; 8:31, Harvard Road, Fire Department responded to a still alarm, sending an engine and ambulance to a motor vehicle accident; 8:56, Littleton Road, vehicle accident.

P.M. 12:44, ambulance sent to Apple Valley; 1:12, Washington Street, burglar alarm at school complex; 2:06, Littleton Road, traffic stop ending with an arrest; 2:53, Central Avenue, suspicious activity; 3:04, Ambulance sent as mutual aid to Shirley; 5:55, Fitchburg Road, burglar alarm at Ross Associates; 9:58, Pleasant Street, ambulance; 10:06, Pleasant Street, medical call ending with two arrests for default warrants.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

A.M. 12:09, Barnum Road, traffic citation; 12:32, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 1:59, Sandy Pond Road, suspicious activity at Kentucky Fried Chicken; 2:56, Main Street, suspicious activity at J.P. O’ Hanlons; 8:32, ambulance sent as mutual aid to Littleton; 8:44, Park Street, general services; 8:44, School and Bligh streets, Fire Department responded to a still alarm, sending an engine for an outside odor of gas.

Wednesday, Jan. 18.

P.M. 12:29, Park Street, suspicious activity at the IC Credit Union; 12:44, ambulance sent as mutual aid to Shirley; 1:16, West Street, served paperwork; 2:09, Groton Street, parking citation; 3:56, Washington Street, served paperwork; 3:57, Sandy Pond Road, general services; 4:24, Littleton Road, general services; 5:03, Main Street, traffic citation; 5:33, Groton Shirley Road, burglar alarm; 7:10, Main Street, fraud; 7:26, Robbins Road, peace restored in a domestic disturbance between a husband and wife; 7:46, ambulance sent to Robbins Road; 8:27, ambulance sent to West Main Street.


Thursday, Jan. 12: Matthew Fairweather, 25, of Groton Harvard Road, default warrant for failure to pay motor vehicle fines.

Friday, Jan. 13: Nicholas Ellis, 19, of Wright Road, charged with disorderly conduct.

The Fire Department also had three auto lockouts and one public arrest.


GROTON — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Jan. 19, and Wednesday, Jan. 25:

Thursday, Jan. 19

A.M. 12:49, Whiley Road, traffic hazard; 1:49, Jenkins Road, ambulance call; 2:05, Gratuity Road, suspicious activity; 6:02, Chicopee Row, equipment violation; 9:04, Lowell and Gay roads, vehicle disabled.

P.M. 1:30, Labbe Road, fraud; 2:58, Whitman Road, motor vehicle lockout; 4:10, Boathouse Road, attempt to serve papers; 4:53, Farmers Row, fire alarm; 5:31, Westford area; relay papers; 6:48, Wildflower Lane, residential alarm.

Friday, Jan. 20

A.M. 7:03, Fairview Avenue, suspicious vehicle; 7:36, Gay and Old Boston roads, vehicle disabled; 11:02, Reedy Meadow Road, serve summons.

Saturday, Jan. 21

A.M. 12:15, Boston Road, building found open; 12:22, Boston and Old Boston roads, equipment violation; 12:40, Boston Road, equipment violation; 6:13, North Street, equipment violation; 10:32, Main Street, traffic control; 11:37, Main Street, accident with property damage.

P.M. 4:25, Reedy Meadow Road, traffic hazard; 4:29, Pepperell area, traffic hazard; 4:30, Hill Road, traffic hazard; 6:04, Schoolhouse and Lowell roads, suspicious activity; 8:52, Main Street, drug possession; 9:13, Higley Street, business alarm; 9:49, Main Street, business alarm; 11:12, Higley Street, residential alarm.

Sunday, Jan. 22

A.M. 12:53, Main Street, business alarm; 12:56, Hollis and Willowdale streets, suspicious person; 2:55, Main Street/Powderhouse Road, equipment violation; 3:25, Hill Road, ambulance call; 7:09, Boston Road, residential alarm.

P.M. 12:01, Gratuity Road, mental health call; 1:59, Boston and Gay roads, motor vehicle complaint; 4:02, Forge Village and Boston roads, vehicle disabled; 5:59, Willowdale Road, vehicle disabled; 6:33, Bixby Hill Road, shooting complaint; 7:55, Main Street, business alarm; 8:55, Old Dunstable Road, ambulance.

Monday, Jan. 23

P.M. 12:01, Nod Road, house lockout; 12:22, Dolan Drive/Smith Street, suspicious vehicle; 12:40, Boston Road, residential alarm; 2:22, Powderhouse Road, suspicious person; 3:25, Boston Road, motor vehicle lockout; 3:34, Farmers Row, motor vehicle lockout; 9:36, Hillsdale Avenue, motor vehicle lockout; 9:58, Wyman Road, accident with property damage; 11:47, Boston Road, equipment violation.

Tuesday, Jan. 24

A.M. 12:36, Main Street, business alarm; 9:23, Longley and Sand Hill roads, accident with property damage; 10:55, Boston Road, general disturbance; 11:00, North Street, vehicle off road; 11:17, North Street, accident with personal injury; 11:41, Boston Road, ambulance call.

P.M. 1:15, Boston Road, suspicious activity; 2:07, Boston Road, accident with property damage; 2:38, Main Street, animal complaint.

Wednesday, Jan. 25

P.M. 12:18, Prescott Street, suspicious vehicle; 3:43, Boston Road, accident with property damage; 5:23, Boston Road, motor vehicle complaint.


HARVARD — Police, Fire and Ambulance departments responded to the following incidents between Tuesday, Jan. 17 and Monday, Jan. 23:

Tuesday, Jan. 17

A.M. 9:28, station, general services.

P.M. 2:07, Mass Avenue, traffic stop; 7:35, Ann Lees Road, check parked vehicle; 8:01, Old Meadow Lane, harassing phone calls, resident advised to call phone company; 8:19, Ayer Road, suspicious vehicle; 9:35, Ayer Road, motor vehicle accident; 11:31, DPW called out, sand town roads.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

A.M. 1:51, Tahanto Trail, motor vehicle accident, plow hit deer; 7:23, Old Shirley Road, disabled vehicle; 9:26, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 9:34, same; 10:22, Slough and Bolton roads, tree down; 10:24, Littleton County Road, tree down; 11:43, Old Shaker and South Shaker roads, tree down; 11:43, Still River and Under Pin Hill roads, tree down; 11:52, Slough Road, residential burglar alarm.

Thursday, Jan. 19

A.M. 2:22, Ayer and Still River roads, general services; 6:18, Still River Road and Willard Lane, traffic stop.

P.M. 6:18, Old Littleton Road, medical call; 10:02, Mass Avenue, suspicious vehicle, parent teaching student to drive in parking lot; 10:08, Ayer Road, suspicious vehicle; 10:30, Brown Road, residential alarm.

Friday, Jan. 20

A.M. 1:27, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:53, Devens, general services.

P.M. 12:27, station, general services; 12:59, Stow Road, motor vehicle lockout; 1:36, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 2:24, Littleton Road, oil truck leaking, Fire Department called; 3:57, Still River Road, past suspicious activity reported, screen pried open at rear of St. Theresa’s church, no entry gained; 5:05, Mass Avenue and Route 495, mutual aid, Boxboro police; 7:07, Old Shirley Road, summons service; 7:19, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:40, Old Littleton and Pinnacle roads, traffic stop; 9:20, Still River Road, check cemetery grounds; 10:08, Pond Road and beach, check area; 10:16, Mass Avenue, traffic stop; 10:40, Still River Road, motor vehicle versus deer accident.

Saturday, Jan. 21

A.M. 3:28, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 4:11, Still River Road, motor vehicle accident; 10:51, Westcott Road, fire alarm.

Sunday, Jan. 22

A.M. 10:25, Poor Farm Road, fire alarm.

P.M. 5:14, DPW called out to sand town roads; 11:30, Warren Avenue, fire alarm.

Monday, Jan. 23

A.M. 12:45, Littleton County Road, mutual aid; 5:00, DPW called out to sand roads; 6:04, Oak Hill Road, motor vehicle accident; 6:04, Route 2E motor vehicle accident, ambulance and fire responded; 8:14, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:59, Oak Hill and Littleton roads, general services; 10:25, Ayer Road, motor vehicle accident; 10:33, same.

P.M. 2:19, Mass Avenue, motor vehicle accident, 2:25, Ayer Road, motor vehicle accident; 3:42, Armstrong and East Bare Hill roads, general services; 3:51, South Shaker Road, general services; 4:36, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 4:59, Ayer Road, traffic stop, arrest on warrant.


Monday, Jan. 23: Peter Villot, 30, of Fitchburg, outstanding warrant, released on bail.


PEPPERELL — Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Jan. 18 and Tuesday, Jan. 24:

Wednesday, Jan. 18

P.M. 12:07, Elm Street, tress across road, Highway Department notified; 12:10, Park Street, mailbox smashed overnight; 12:15, Townsend Street, vehicle left in roadway; 1:05, Forest Street, telephone pole down, on fire; 2:10, Main Street, electric wire laying on tree, burning; 2:42, River Road, tree laying on electric service drop wires; 2:56, Shirley Street, tree laying on wires; 4:15, Hollis and Cross streets, motor vehicle accident; 5:14, Groton Street, daughter made suicidal threat, left house in vehicle; 5:34, Main Street, past domestic abuse, temporary restraining order granted; 6:57, Groton Street, death notification from Belmont police; 7:24, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 8:07, Elm Street, motor vehicle accident, unknown injuries; 8:08, Elm Street, carbon monoxide detector activation; 9:00, Lowell Road, DPW call-out for Brookline Street; 9:14, Shattuck Street, request to check area, loud explosion; 9:25, Main and Mill streets, commercial alarm activation; 9:50, Main Street, request for ride from drunken male.

Thursday, Jan. 19

A.M. 1:01, Lomar Park Drive, commercial alarm activation; 1:38, Brookline Street, report of smoke in basement; 8:07, South Road, investigate vehicular accident; 8:19, Main Street, found Motorola pager.

Friday, Jan. 19

A.M. 8:39, Main Street, vehicle ran over coyote; 9:15, Idal Street, residential alarm sounding from Dumpster.

P.M. 12:57, Main Street, investigate past fire; 2:19, Prospect Street, suspicious activity; 3:266, Chace Avenue, report of vehicle spinning its tires; 3:33, Main Street, female in lobby reporting domestic abuse; 5:39, Nashua Road, stop vehicle for traffic violation, revoked registration, uninsured and unregistered vehicle; 6:44, Main Street, lost cell phone reported; 7:13, Hollis Street, attempt to serve summons; 7:25, Parkwood Drive, serve summons; 9:20, Cranberry Street, noise complaint, two arrested for disorderly conduct; 9:34, Tucker Street, request to check on welfare; 11:47, Tucker Street, request to check on welfare.

Saturday, Jan. 20

A.M. 7:38, Chace Avenue, school alarm activation; 10:49, Blood Street, accidental 911 call; 11:04, River Road, request for lift assistance.

Sunday, Jan. 21

A.M. 2:11, Lowell Street, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 12:07, Main Street, lost cell phone reported; 1:40, Hollis and Mill streets, request for the ambulance; 2:27, Tucker Street, locked out of vehicle; 2:55, River Road, stop vehicle for traffic violation; 4:47, Main Street, assist Townsend police with DNA collection; 5:14, Elliott Street, request for the ambulance; 6:58, Hillside Street, report of unattended burning; 8:08, Terrell Street, mutual aid to Hollis P.D.; 9:47, Main Street, request to speak to officer regarding restraint violation.

Monday, Jan. 22

A.M. 4:55, Yale Road, request for the ambulance; 5:26, Main Street, DPW call-out; 8:06, Hollis Street, request for the ambulance; 8:32, South Road, disabled vehicle; 10:26, Pines area, complaint about vehicle in area; 10:37, Bennett Street, parking complaint; 10:49, Tarbell Street, alarm sounding again, subject will remove; 11:07, Hyacinth Drive, 911 mis-dial.

Tuesday, Jan. 23

A.M. 7:17, Sartelle Street, Ford truck repossessed.

P.M. 5:57, attempt to serve summons; 6:28, Hardy Street, report or vehicle rollover; 7:36, Cross Street, request officer assistance in property dispute.


Thursday, Jan. 19: Matthew J. Collins, 36, of 38 Blood Street, operating vehicle under influence of liquor, failure to stay in lanes; Julie H. Steele, 22, of 21 Shattuck Street, domestic assault and battery, assault by dangerous weapon. Friday, Jan. 20: Catherine L. Blood, 18, of 3 Dudley Road, Townsend, disorderly person, malicious destruction of property over $250; Keith P. Phinney, 20, of 3 Dudley Road, Townsend, disorderly person. Saturday, Jan. 21: Lindsay M. Lawton, 23, of 42 Blood Street, operating vehicle without license, defective equipment, warrant.


SHIRLEY — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, Jan. 23, and Sunday, Jan. 29:

Monday, Jan. 23

A.M. 8:35, Hospital Road, motor vehicle lockout; 8:37, Davis Street, removal of unwanted person; 8:53, Lancaster Road, vehicle stuck on hill; 9:01, Squannacook Road, vandalism to mailbox; 9:03, Lancaster Road, disabled motor vehicle.

Tuesday, Jan. 24

A.M. 2:55, Harvard Road, report of daughter watching dog and animal control removed it; 2:39, Lancaster Road, 80-year-old male having difficulty breathing, transported to Leominster Hospital; 7:56, Lancaster Road/Haskell Street, disabled motor vehicle; 9:31, Longley Road, accident, car versus tree; 10:47, Leominster Road, vehicle hit.

P.M. 1:10, Nehemiah Road, residential alarm, accidental; 1:14, Harvard Road, report of dog being taken last night; 4:35, Squannacook Road, complaint of three snowmobiles; 7:44, Parker Road, disabled motor vehicle; 8:56, Peabody Road, damage to street sign.

Wednesday, Jan. 25

A.M. 1:17, Parker Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 1:24, School Street, parking complaint; 1:55, Leominster Road, parking complaint.

P.M. 12:57, Ayer Road, motor vehicle lockout; 1:45, Front Street/Patterson Road, disabled motor vehicle; 7:48, Front Street, report of woman in pajamas slumped over on bench in front of Village Video; 7:55, Townsend Road, motor vehicle lockout.

Thursday, Jan. 26

A.M. 12:10, Front Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 12:31, Parker Road, suspicious person; 2:43, Front Street, suspicious motor vehicle; 7:00, Holden Road, report of 68-year-old female having a problem with her catheter, transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center (NVMC).

Friday, Jan. 27

A.M. 7:45, Peabody Road, call to animal control.

P.M. 4:51, Shaker Road, call about two youths possibly drinking beer behind her property; 5:31, Catacunemaug Road, animal control called for black pit bull mix running in street; 8:38, accidental fire alarm.

Saturday, Jan. 28

A.M. 9:55, Great Road, suspicious motor vehicle; 11:40, Lancaster Road, report of kids skateboarding in street.

P.M. 8:20, South Street, report of outdoor fire; 8:59, Townsend Road, removal of unwanted person.

Sunday, Jan. 29

A.M. 8:53, Lancaster Road, vehicle hit a mailbox; 9:24, Clark Road, ambulance call for emotionally unstable male party, transport to NVMC; 10:13, Benjamin Road, brush fire; 11:04, Circuit City, man’s wallet found.

P.M. 12:20, Lancaster Road, accidental business alarm; 6:35, Townsend Road, a boat on a trailer sticking out into the road.


Monday, Jan. 16

A.M. 6:39, Main Street East, disabled motor vehicle; 7:48, Main Street West, motor vehicle accident, no injury.

P.M. 1:14, Beech Street, ambulance call; 1:16, Fitchburg Road, motor vehicle lockout; 2:00, Main Street East, assist citizen; 2:50, Barker Hill Road, animal complaint; 4:46, Main Street West, burglar alarm; 6:17, Brookline Road, fire alarm.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

A.M. 7:17, Route 119 West, disabled motor vehicle; 7:27, Proctor Road, disabled motor vehicle; 9:24, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout.

P.M. 3:44, West Elm Street, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 5:17, Route 119 East, disabled motor vehicle; 5:43, North End Road, motor vehicle complaint; 9:13, Aries Lane, suspicious activity.

Wednesday, Jan. 18

A.M. 2:20, Main Street West, arrest; 11:02, Emery Road, fire alarm; 11:47, Old City Road, burglar alarm.

P.M. 3:48, Route 119 West, motor vehicle complaint; 6:28, Route 119/Canal Street, disabled motor vehicle; 9:24, Ball Road, suspicious activity.

Thursday, Jan. 19

P.M. 12:27, Main Street West, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 12:33, Main Street, motor vehicle lockout; 1:55, Main Street West, officer wanted; 6:36, Lunenburg Police, assist other agency.

Friday, Jan. 20

A.M. 2:20, Route 13 South, arrest; 2:20, Route 13 south, arrest.

P.M. 12:53, Main Street West, domestic/family; 3:21, Main Street East, motor vehicle lockout; 4:32, Route 13 south, motor vehicle complaint; 7:37, Warren Road, house alarm; 8:40, Main Street East, ambulance call; 9:02, Main Street East, suspicious activity.

Saturday, Jan. 21

A.M. 12:15, Main Street West, motor vehicle complaint; 9:50, Route 13 south, disabled motor vehicle.

P.M. 1:36, Main Street East, ambulance call; 2:56, Dudley Road, officer wanted; 3:44, Bayberry Hill Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 7:47, Main Street East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 9:56, Shirley Road, ambulance call.

Sunday, Jan. 22

A.M. 7:40, Main Street West, animal complaint; 9:22, Whitcomb Street, burglar alarm; 11:38, Lunenburg Road, ambulance call.

P.M. 6:50, Ponderosa Drive, suspicious activity; 9:08, West Elm Street, domestic/family; 9:27, West Elm Street, arrest.


Wednesday, Jan. 19: Andrew David Corey, 33, 82 Mill St., Greenville, N.H., operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, possession of a Class D substance (marijuana).

Friday, Jan. 20: James E. Kapenas, 41, 328 Main St., Apt. 3, Townsend, marked lanes violations, operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license.; Deborah J. Evers, 39, 65 Charles St., Fitchburg, arrested on a warrant for speeding, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.; Juvenile, arrested on a warrant for assault and battery.

Saturday, Jan. 21: James R. Day, 24, 58 Branch Tpk., Apt. 56, Concord, N.H., arrested for speeding, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (second offense), consuming alcohol from an open container, possession of Class B substance (cocaine), possession of Class D substance (marijuana.)