Outstanding team defense rules T.A.P Basketball week



Montachusett Pest Control

Offense: Delaney Ledoux

Defense: Moira Murphy

Hustle: Amelia Ecerido

Ideal Self Storage

Offense: Megan Rossi

Defense: Amy Lamoureaux

Hustle: Megan Hawkins

Dunkin Donuts

Offense: Ali Silver

Defense: Anna Wespisar

Hustle: Madison Boudreau


Offense: Alexandria Gallagher

Defense: Kaylee Firth

Hustle: Lauren Kirk

McDuffee Insurance

Offense: Vicky Pappas

Defense: Jennifer Demarines

Hustle: Katie King

Connor Electric

Offense: Molly Cassidy

Defense: Riley Walsh

Hustle: Marie Shepherd


Wilson Brothers

Offense: Jessica Schmuck

Defense: Kim Smith

Hustle: Delaney Ledoux

Pepperell Recreation

Offense: Ashley Zuccamaglio

Defense: Kylene O’Neill

Hustle: Ashlyn Witts

Auto Clinic

Defense: Elena Beauregard

Hustle: Julia Quill

Dr. Jay Decoteau

Offense: Kaitlyn Mahoney

Defense: Mikayla Berthiume

Hustle: Kayla DeLuca


Littleton Lumber 54

Forest Appliance 35

Forest Appliance played a great first half, but Littleton Lumber pulled ahead in the second half. Brian Bourgeois was huge in the paint, pulling down tons of rebounds and scoring 20 points. Kevin Marcianno set up the offense and scored 15 points. Isaac Forest hustled up and down the court and scored 4 points off of break-aways. Zack Ryan scored a basket and took some smart outside shots. Nick Indeglia and Chris Smith handled the ball with skill. Forest Appliance worked hard for the whole game.

Dr. Rosebush 37

Pete Antosh Excavating 8

Gary Lorden scored 20 points and Billy Wilson added 10 to key the offense of Dr. Rosebush. Wes Thompson had a great rebounding game and also scored 4 points. Chris Tucker scored 2 points and Matt Wilson swished a foul shot. Dillan Bojarski, Daegan Gray and Chris Tucker stepped up and helped to lead the team to a great vistory.

Mass Corrections Officers 34

Miller Mechanical 32

Mass Corrections Officers pulled ahead of this exciting game in the very end. Joe McDonald scored 20 points and ripped down many rebounds. Ibraham Mughal scored 10 points and pushed the ball down the court with skill. Joe Smith scored a basket and made some good passes into the key. Tyler Godin pulled down a couple of good rebounds in the paint, while Greg Best played tenacious defense.

Paul McCartney dominated in the paint for the whole game with 14 points and strong rebounding. C.J. Flavin set up the offense well, and scored 11 points. Sam Greelis scored a basket and played awesome defense. Erik Cullen also scored a basket and took some good outside shots. This was a very exciting game and a good match-up for Miller Mechanical.

Lorden Oil 42

Dr. Linda Blaschke D.M.D. 23

Casey Muzzy scored 10 points and pushed the ball down the floor and beat the half-court press of Lorden Oil. Nick Ravanis scored 5 points and helped keep his team in the game. James Osterfield scored 4 points and tore down rebounds with authority as well as creating some good scoring chances. Dan Tocci hustled up and down the floor.

Isshinryu Karate Club of Townsend 38

Brooks Pharmacy 28

Isshinryu Karate’s teamwork and effort led them to victory. Drew Kanan scored 12 points and brought the ball down the court with expertise. Matt Russell drove to the hoop with abandon and scored 6 points. Dylan Kimbar did some cool moves and scored 5 points. Dan Lacross also scored 5 points and he played intense defense. Ryan Kanan and Travis Collier each scored a basket. Without the hustle of Hayden Collins, Kyle Casey and Dylan Woods, the game wouldn’t have been as exciting to watch.

Patriot Barbershop 34

CW Fuels 31

Patriot Barbershop’s solid team effort keyed an exciting win. Tony Gravel led with 13 tough points. Mark Canning played smart, hustled and threw in 9 points. Kyle McDermott ran well also scoring 9 points. Travis O’Connell and Jacob Lopalito took charge of the defensive boards when the team needed them the most. Chris Canning also played a great game with 5 points and some smart shooting.

CW Fuels played a strong second half, coming back from a 16 point deficit to within one basket. David Lorden keyed the offense with 17 points and several rebounds. Colby Ledoux worked the ball around the outside well, and scored 4 points. Caleb Scott also scored 4 points and played tenacious defense. Jimmy Walmsley and Joe Dolciotto scored a basket each.


Walker Orthodontics 34

Nashoba Publishing 11

Madeline Balassie led Nashoba Publishers with 5 points, followed by Becky Batchelder, Katryna Kusmirek and Christine Kinney with 2 points each. Kristen Hamel and Carmel James directed the offense with some great passing and good dribbling. Amanda Marshall played unstoppable defense and grabbed rebounds. Courtney Wise had a nice steal and Danielle Croteau hustled throughout the whole game.

Cappucci Insurance and Investment Agency 25

Dr. Jay Decoteau 8

This was a great team effort put in by Cappucci Insurance and Investment Agency. Elise McBride and Maddy Prevost each scored 4 points and worked the ball well around the outside. Natalie Gagne and Kim Morgan each scored 2 points and played solid defense. The whole team worked their hardest and it showed in this exciting game.

Pinnacle Development 21

Pediactrics West 15

Pinnacle Development broke open a close game at the end. Emily Church dominated in the paint. Julie McCarthy scored 8 points and worked the ball around the outside. Ashley Rosko and Lauren Conner dribbled well and scored a basket each. The team answered the challenge with floor-burning defense led by Ashley Lynch, Molly Brooks and Casey McNamera. Dee Madden had lots of assists which helped offensively.

Pediatrics West played a very solid defensive game, with a great deal of hustle from Holly Grube, Liz Cormier, Jamie Firth, Julia Diegnan, and Hayley Dupell. Ball-handling guards Sammy Lynch and Vanessa Tenore added 3 and 2 points, respectively. Merideth Bibbo chipped in 4 points and Marissa Thomas led with 6 points. This was a great team effort.

Colonial RE/MAX- Team Tavenner 23

Select Engineering 5

Select Engineering worked hard throughout the game and were led by Amber Saari with 3 points and Suzie Sanford with 2. Amy Jones hustled up and down the court. Shawnna Harris pulled down some key rebounds. Tara Daly took some smart shots and made some key passes. Although the shots were not falling, the whole team made up for the loss of points by playing spectacular defense.


Townsend House Tavern 38

In the Batters Box 34

Nick Hamel scored 15 points and set up the offense to key the win. Adam Lapierre scored 8 points and was crazy on defense. Glen McIntyre scored 6 points and got his team pumped up. Pat Dickhaut scored 3 points and put forth a solid defensive effort. Ryan Trust, Kevin Boardman and Nick Hamel played strong defense to secure the win.

Chris Maynard dominated in the paint with 10 points and some key rebounds. Robbie Woodward controlled the offense and scored 7 points. Evan Woolacott scored 7 points on some strong drives to the hoop. Ryan St. Armand scored 4 points and took some sweet outside shots. Mark Joy and John Santos hustled offensively and defensively. Tom Carney, Kyle Simas and Brian Shannon each played outstanding games.

Nashoba Orthopaedics 35

Mini Broach 29

Mike Tenore led the offense at point guard and scored 9 points. Ian Hough made some sneaky passes and scored 6 points. Alex Ingerson scored 4 points and was huge in the paint. Matt Canning scored 4 points and worked hard offensively. Aaron Forest used his quick feet and played unbelievable defense.

New England Sports Photo 46

Pepperell Police 36

Carlos Pineda paced the win with 14 points and great work off the offensive boards. Billy Maine added 10 points, and Anthony Ciccone had 7 points along with many assists. Chris Scott scored 6 points and had a strong passing game. Scott Dolan and Shamus Flynn were big in the key. Alex Mihill, Josh Page and Brian Cronin played a solid game on defense.

T&W Custom Builders 54

Crosswinds Company 46

Tim Thomas keyed the win with 24 points and tons of rebounds. Mark Schulze set up the offense and scored 11 points. Drew Dion was hot from the three-point line with 7 points. Pat Kilbride had an overall great game with 4 points. Kevin Chase led the defensive effort with outstanding on-ball defense. Ryan Ordway controlled the boards while Kevin Quinn hustled like a mad-man.

The defense of Jack Low and Trevor Cullens kept Crosswinds Company close. Tommy Blain was unstoppable in the paint with15 points. Kevin Smith pushed the ball up the court and scored 10 points. Sam Jones took his favorite foul line extended shot and got 10 points off of it. George Bero scored 6 points and hustled all over the place.

Northern Comfort 51

Valley Orthopaedics Associates 17

Valley Orthopaedics worked hard in a tough loss. Jeremy Quill scored 8 points and pushed the ball down the floor. A.J. Wright scored 4 points and took some key shots. Chris Schott and C.J. Ferreira worked hard in the paint. Zack Caraviello and Jay Marshall tried to spark the offense. Connor Buchholz and Josh Hardy hustled up and down the court.


Century 21 34

Monson Companies 26

A great Monson Companies team effort allowed them to hang tough. Kelsey Murphy scored 6 points, and Jillian Childs added 3 points. both showing some great ball handling skills. Scoring a basket each were Laura Pelletier, Lauren Perry, Marissa MacEachern, and Brittany Shaw.

Stop n’ Style 54

Haynes Lieneck and Smith Inc. 49

In an exciting game that was close all the way, Marlena Finn scored 18 points, and Kelsey Scamman added 14 to key the win. Kelsey Twombley scored 6 points and played tough in the paint. The whole team worked hard on defense.

Sara Leineck scored 26 points, a season high. Kylie Martin added 8 points and played smart offensively. Meghan Connor and Hayley Connor each scored 6 points and passed well with each other. Jen Schmuck helped out with a basket. Shannon Pomeroy played terrific defense, while Kylie Martin, Meghan Brooks and Jen Schmuck rebounded really well.

Townline HVAC 22

Devon Picard was a strong force in the key for Hillside Construction with 9 points and many rebounds. Gabi Stephenson scored 9 points and made some good point guard decisions. Taylor Stanton scored 7 points and took some great baseline jumpers. Liz Shultz scored 6 points and played a great overall game. Jessica Pare and Shalaugh Daly played tenacious defense. This was a great team effort.

For Townsend HVAC, Ally Watkins scored 8 points and tore down some key rebounds. Kristen Hayward scored 6 points and helped to control the offense. Haley Lynch brought the ball down the court and scored 4 points, while Madi Ledoux posted up in the key and scored a basket. Meaghan Cameron also chipped in a basket. Kaila Gibbons played great defense, along with Rainah Goguan and Olivia Guptil. Katie Bernier also helped out defensively.


Dunkin Donuts 57

SterIlite 47

Dunkin Donuts played a great game, led by Chris Russell with 14 points and tons of rebounds. Derek Clement added 13 points and showed some good ball-handling skills. Tony Deshler scored 11 points and took some great shots. Robbie Mershon, Mike Virostko and Michael Helmer were very strong on defense.

Kyle Buchholz was a key player in Sterilite’s offense, scoring 28 points and playing a great offensive game. Burke Bero scored 6 points and made some strong drives to the hoop. Justin Greelis brought the ball down the court with skill and added 5 points. Chris Waugh scored 4 points and had some good open shots. Ian Buchholz and Brian Franklin were huge in the paint and tore down many rebounds. Justin Bisbo hustled up and down the floor.

Townsend Ford 72

Lorden Oil 37

This was a tough game for Lorden Oil, but they worked hard until the end. Adam Patronik was on fire with 22 points and some great shots. Tim Ladd scored 7 points and hustled up and down the floor. Joe Howe had 8 points and showed some good ball handling skills. The whole team tried their hardest on defense, but the shots just were not falling.

Ideal Self Storage 56

T&W Custom Builders 35

Thom Carey paced the victory with 18 points, while Phil Morrison added 11 points and took some good shots. Tyler Lapierre scored 8 points and Dan Stella scored 4 points. Steve Burke and Scott Miln played in-your-face defense. Josh Brickley had tons of steals and Walter “the pitbull” Kusmerik played tough defense. Everyone on this team scored and it was the team work that led them to victory.

Hillside Construction 62

Dr. Jay Decoteau 49

Hillside Construction pulled ahead in the beginning, due to the smart offense. Mike Crowley led the balanced offense with 18 points, followed by Paul Giacobbi with 16, Andy Leonardo-Roy 10 and Justin Leonardo-Roy 9. The twins showed some good dribbling skills. The entire Hillside Construction team played with passion and it won them the game.

Matt Butcher led Dr. Jay Decoteau with 24 points. Dennis O’Rourke scored 11 points and took some smart shots. Gerry Martin worked the ball around the outside well and scored 5 points. Dan Amichetti was a force in the paint and scored 3 points. Travis Carter added in 4 points. Tom Maxner and Mike Markham played tight defense throughout the game.

Hartnett Management 52

Realty Executives-Lioce Properties 49

Brendan Rearick and Aaron Racette dominated offensively with 11 points each to key the win. Hartnett Management stepped up and got some great rebounds. This was an exciting game to watch.

Chris Tully scored 18 points and Matt Morico scored 14 points. These two passed well with each other and took some smart shots. Tim Crory was a force in the paint and scored 7 points. Billy Crory scored 4 points and had a great game. Dan Alger played well and Jeff Tully added a long three-pointer.