TOWNSEND — Several residents at a public hearing held about flooding on Route 119 and Kaneohe Court were told the state has taken ownership of the problem.

Selectman Robert Plamondon read a letter from MassHighway that said, “In an effort to alleviate the flooding on the homeowners’ properties, MassHighway proposes to install two leaching catch basins. As spring approaches, the district will arrange a meeting with the town and the abutters to discuss the final details of the improvements.”

Leach basins are designed to allow roadway drainage to filter back into the ground.

Some residents voiced skepticism with the proposal.

“We’ve been fighting this for years,” Main Street resident Donna Williams said. “We don’t believe anything you are saying.”

Kaneohe Court resident Denise Shattuck said she has tried to sell her house, but could not due to flooding on her lawn.

Kaneohe Court resident Sandra Grogan was concerned about how the flooding affected neighborhood children.

“It has flooded so much, and when it freezes there is no way the students can even get off the bus.”

Chairman Daniel Murphy re-assured the residents that the selectmen would keep pressure on the state to get this done.

“The state … stepped up and took this over. We will make sure they do,” he said.

Selectman Peter Collins was pleased with the state’s intervention.

“I am happy this is what they opted for. I’m sure this will be a solution for the flooding problems,” he said.

Superintendent of Schools James McCormick was present at the meeting as well.

“I’ve been dealing with the state on matters for a long time,” he said. “I suggest you get a time line from them. That way if they say they will do it in let’s say April, then by the end of April if they haven’t done it yet, you can push them on it.”

There will be a public meeting with residents and the state before any work will be done, said Murphy.

“Once spring approaches we will all meet and see when they can do the work,” he said.

“There is no doubt now that the wheels are in motion to get this done,” said Collins.