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AYER — Rob Ackerman and Amy Emma, principal and assistant principal of the Page Hilltop School in Ayer, knew that the children in their school had something to say. So, they spent some time researching and thinking of the best venue to get the thoughts and words of the Page Hilltop pupils out.

After meeting with The Ayer Public Spirit editor, Kate Walsh, they decided to work on a four-page insert that would be sold in the town newspaper once a month.

Ackerman and Emma enlisted the help of the student body and instituted a contest to come up with a suitable name for the paper. Over 100 students entered possible titles, “There were some very clever names that were entered,” Ackerman said. The winner of the contest was six-year-old Kate Blood.

Blood, who is a first-grader at Page Hilltop, was cooking ginger cookies with her Mom one day, when the name “Page Hilltop Press” came to her. Blood thought that the name sounded pretty good, so with the help of her Mom, they wrote down her entry and sent it to school.

“We loved Kate’s entry because it had the school’s name in it and the ‘p’s’ in Page and press sounded good together. We are very proud of her for thinking of it,” Ackerman said.

For her prize, Emma presented Blood with a pink-feathered journal so that she could “start putting her words on paper.” Blood also received a teddy bear “for inspiration,” some gel pens and a feathered bag to put it all in.

The paper will come out monthly, and each issue will feature a grade, starting with the fourth. The students will be able to submit pieces that will then be put together by volunteers, Lisa Arrigo and Patti Cibor, before being submitted to Kate Walsh at the Public Spirit. The paper will feature only student’s work so that as many contributions can be used as possible.

Ackerman and Emma are excited by this new venture and are aiming to produce “a very high quality product, worthy of the talented students in their charge.”

Any parties interested in helping out with this endeavor, either by volunteering or sponsoring a month of printing costs, can contact Ackerman or Emma at the school at (978) 772-8600.

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