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TOWNSEND Norma Stoll had a lot say regarding her 90th birthday, which was the cause of celebration at the West Townsend Reading Room on Dec. 26.

“(I am) now looking forward to turning 100,” said Stoll.

Stoll lives with her daughter, Deb, but takes two trips a year to visit another daughter who lives in California.
“That s pretty good, isn t it,” she said. “I am in very good health, so why not travel a little?”

The mother of five children, Stoll retired in 1980 after working in the cafeterias of both Spaulding Elementary School and North Middlesex Regional High School.

“I loved working with the people and the students. It was a good job,” she said.

Stoll, the grandmother of seven and great grandmother of five, has been a Townsend resident since 1957.

“I have seen a lot of changes in town, and met a lot of very nice people. Everybody is friendly here. I have made a lot of friends over the years. I love to laugh with my friends, and still raise a little hell once in a while,” she said.
In her free time, Stoll also enjoys doing needlework, which Deb Stoll said she is very proficient at.

The party for her mom “was awesome,” Deb Stoll said. “We had about 60 people that came to see her and wish her a wonderful birthday. She had a ball.”

A memory book was placed on a table, Deb Stoll said, so friends and relatives could write a message to her mother. She also said family members were in attendance from all over the country.

“A lot of people brought cards for her with personal messages written inside. It was a great birthday for her,” she she said.