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Here s some of my wishes for 2006.

That North Middlesex girls basketball coach Pat Murphy be pacing the sidelines as soon as possible.

That Terrell Owens and Ron Artest go to Oz and find a brain and realize just how lucky they are.

Some good luck for coach Mark Hennelly and the Groton Dunstable girls basketball team. It s hard to suffer tougher losses than they did against Lunenburg and North Middlesex.

That Manny gets his ticket out of Boston. How many times does he need to say he doesn t want to be here.

A continued championship drought for the New York Yankees and their 200+ million dollar payroll.

Good weather for the local athletic directors.

The citizens of Harvard to step up and name something after Tom Hill.
For the troops in Iraq to come back home.

For the Red Sox to find a shortstop, a center fielder and a leadoff hitter.
That the year be hurricane-free.

Less whistles during field hockey games.

That reality come back into place concerning baseball free agent signings. Rafael Furcal getting 13 million dollars a year and B.J. Ryan getting more than nine million dollars a year is cause for worry.

That the MIAA back up their words and control sportsmanship at high school games.

That the best players on teams get treated with added respect. They usually are the best for a reason, because they worked harder at it. Sports is not a venue for equality, just equal opportunity to excel.

That the Republicans and Democrats can put aside their differences for the good of the country. If not, may a third party become a reality to keep both of them honest.

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