TOWNSEND — Acknowledgment
of Vinton Pond residents’
concerns proved fruitless
at Monday’s Planning
Board meeting due to the
absence of board Vice
Chairman Gerald “Jed”

Board Chairman Jeffrey
Peduzzi said the board
had received several letters
from residents of Vinton
Pond and Sauna Row roads
asking for the letters
to be read into the record,
but due to Coughlin’s
absence it could not be

Board member Stanley Vladyka
said residents, as well
as Ducharme and Dillis
engineer Stan Dillis,
requested that a full
compliment of the board
be present for any talks
about the proposed 16-home
subdivision. Dillis also
happens to be a Vinton
Pond Road resident.

A brief discussion “about
the site walk we did of
the pond could take place
as that would have no
affect on Coughlin’s
absence for future discussions,”
Peduzzi said.

Vladyka did not attend
the site walk, but said,
“I was concerned
about some of the things
people at the last meeting
said, that they’ve
seen the pond run dry.
If that happens again,
we cannot blame the developer.”

“(That comment)
came like a bullet in
the foot. Logic says water
flows downhill, so before
we make any decisions,
I would like to see a
better hydrology study
done on Vinton Pond,”
Peduzzi said.

Board member Louis Kiklis
wants to see what the
pond looks like in the
high water season.

“We’d be seeing
it during the heavy rain
and melting season. I
want to know how high
the water table does get,”
he said, a statement that
Peduzzi agreed with.

“I truly want more
of a hydrology study done.
Just the sheer numbers
of a housing development
will increase usage on
the pond,” said
Peduzzi. “People
will be sealing driveways
and the run off from that
will go into the water.”

The current buildings
that sit around the pond
from the days when it
was a Girl Scout camp
were also mentioned.

“When we went on
the site walk, I looked
closely at a few of the
buildings that are still
there. They are in pretty
good shape, and maybe
the Parks and Cemetery
Department can use one
or some of them for storage.
It’s something else
to think about,”
Peduzzi said.

The board will address
the item at the Jan. 9
meeting when all members
will be present.