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SHIRLEY — Conservation measures for the Center Town Hall were discussed by selectmen this week who agreed to keep the building open over the winter months, with limited use.

The limited use will utilize energy-saving measures including a thermostat limiter for the main meeting room, and an industrial door swing for the meeting room door, donated by Boy Scout Troop 7.

Girl Scout Troop 900 will donate their time to place plastic window coverings over the windows, which were donated by the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts also donated insulation that will be wrapped over the pipes in the kitchen to prevent freezing.

The rooms not in use will be locked and the vents to those areas will be closed. No new rentals will be accepted from now until March 15, 2006. Plumbing in the upstairs bathroom will be postponed until the spring so the upstairs meeting room will not have to be heated over the winter.

Selectman Chip Guercio said, “We had talked about implementing conservation measures. At the Center Town Hall we have four users: The Council on Aging, the scouts, the grange and the Meals on Wheels dispatch service.”

“Our concern from the Historical Committee is that the building was being totally shut down,” said Historical Committee member Paul Przybyla. “There can be damage from moisture build up that would cause more damage than the heat would cost.”

“The thermostat will be an industrial thermostat, can not be raised over sixty degrees, and it is being moved from the hallway to the meeting room so only the meeting room will be heated,” said Dave Stewart of the Center Town Hall Committee.

Town administrator Kyle Keady noted that there are cases available to cover thermostats to prohibit people from tampering with set temperatures. The selectmen agreed to have them installed at the municipal building.