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AYER — The Ayer Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Dec. 1 and Saturday, Dec. 3:

Thursday, Dec. 1

A.M. 12:04, Fitchburg Road, arrest at the Ayer Motor Inn; 1:09, ambulance to the Police station; 7:53, West Main Street, general services at the Ayer Animal Hospital; 10:00, ambulance sent as mutual aid to Littleton; 10:07, Columbia Street, vehicle accident; 10:45, Sandy Pond Road, animal complaint; 10:51, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation.

Friday, Dec. 2

A.M. 1:48, Park Street, suspicious activity; 5:13, Park Street, assisted other agencies; 7:45, corner of Park and Main streets, traffic citation; 11:39, medical call at the Turbo Lube, employee fell into a service bay, police recorded it as an industrial accident

P.M. 5:02, Park Street, suspicious activity; 5:20, Gardener Lane, suspicious activity; 5:28, ambulance sent to Fitchburg Road; 6:39, Park Street, vehicle accident at the Sovereign Bank; 7:30, Groton Shirley Road, burglar alarm at Rubbair Door; 7:59, Main Street, parking complaint; 8:05, Groton Shirley Road, burglar alarm at Rubbair Door; 10:17, Groton Street, assisted other agencies; 11:31, Barnum Road, disturbance; 11:57, West Main Street, traffic citation.

Saturday, Dec. 3

P.M. 12:00, Highland Avenue, vandalism; 1:34, Washington Street, burglar alarm at the school complex; 1:50, Park Street, assisted citizen at the Police Department; 7:18, Groveland Street, domestic assault and battery report, an arrest was made shortly thereafter; 7:31, Fire Department responded to a silent still alarm, sending an engine to Bubble-It laundry for a washer problem; 8:01, Fire Department responded to a silent still alarm, sending an engine to the Mango Grill, alarm was activated by an overheated dishwasher; 10:20, Fire Department responded to a box alarm, sending an engine as mutual aid to Devens in response to a kitchen fire started by food in a microwave; 10:59, Park Street, suspicious activity at the IC Federal Credit Union.


Thursday, Dec. 1: Joseph Callaluca, 27, of Townsend. Arrested for outstanding warrant for possession of hypodermic needles; William Peabody, 55, of Ashburnham. Charged with an OUI and leaving the scene of an accident.

The Fire Department also had five public assists, one auto lockout, and one home lockout.


GROTON — The Groton Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Sunday, Dec. 4 and Wednesday, Dec. 7:

Sunday, Dec. 4

A.M. 4:44, Farmers Row, suspicious person; 9:56, Farmers Row/Higley Street, vehicle off road; 10:21, Willowdale Road, house lockout.

P.M. 12:10, Farmers Row, domestic disturbance; 8:49, Main Street, business alarm, 9:33, Lost Lake Drive, general disturbance.

Monday, Dec. 5

A.M. 5:57, Adams Avenue, business alarm; 6:03, Boston Road, accident with property damage; 10:46, West Main Street, call for ambulance.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

A.M. 12:10, Carmichael Way/Hayden Road, traffic hazard; 9:46, Longley Road, suspicious activity; 11:15, Sand Hill Road, larceny over $250; 11:17, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport.

P.M. 12:27, Tavern Road, suspicious vehicle; 1:31, Main Street, traffic hazard; 1:39, Martins Pond Road, vandalized mailbox; 3:05, Main Street, domestic disturbance; 3:09, Boston Road, motor vehicle complaint; 3:19, Raddin Road, residential alarm; 4:53, West Main Street, suspicious vehicle; 5:23, Main Street/Broadmeadow Road, accident with property damage; 6:30, Boston and Shelters roads, equipment violation.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

P.M. 12:03, North Street, restraining order violation; 12:05, Main Street, animal complaint; 12:51, Boston and Ames roads, traffic hazard; 1:02, Throne Hill Road, animal complaint; 1:26, Pleasant Street, serve summons; 1:31, Main Street, accident with property damage; 5:00, Duck Pond Drive, residential alarm; 11:48, Main Street, call for ambulance.


HARVARD — The Harvard Police responded to the following incidents from Monday, Dec. 5 to Wednesday, Dec. 7:

Monday, Dec. 5

A.M. 4:30, Armstrong Road, check activated lifeline; 7:46 Park Lane, ambulance assist; 8:24, Ann Lees Road, report of mini-van in ditch.

P.M. 1:24, station, general services; 2:09, West Bare Hill Road, motor vehicle accident; 2:11, station, general services.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

A.M. 1:44, Prospect Hill Road, burglar alarm; 9:22. Poor Farm Road, general services; 11:14, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop.

P.M. 1:49,Prospect Hill Road and overlook, traffic stop; 2:53, Ayer Road and Route 2, traffic stop; 5:23, Ann Lees Road, property damage, vandalism; 7:35, West Bare Hill Road, burglar alarm; 8:32, Mass Avenue and Fairbanks Street, motor vehicle lockout.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

A.M. 6:08, Still River Road and Willard Lane, traffic stop; 7:27, school, alarm.


PEPPERELL — Police and fire responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 3:

Wednesday, Nov. 30

A.M. 6:58, Kayla Lane, complaint about vehicle parked at end of common driveway; 7:43, Route 113 East, erratic operation of motor vehicle; 8:20, suspect identified in past hit and run incident in Ashby.

P.M. 1:25, Kayla Lane, request for information about cars parking on private driveway; 1:26, River Road, investigate suspicious activity report; 4:29, Nursery Road, odor of gas in home; 5:49, Park Street, request to check on welfare; 7:05, Brookline Street, 911 hang-up results in adult arrest on domestic abuse charge, issuance of restraining order; 11:02, Prospect Street, request for ambulance.

Thursday, Dec. 1

A.M. 11:52, Main Street, locked out of vehicle.

Friday, Dec. 2

P.M. Brookline Street, herd of cattle in road; 1:58, Main Street, minor motor vehicle accident; 2:02, South Road, tire found in road; 2:06, Mt. Lebanon Street, dead deer reported in yard; 4:11, Cumberland Farms, request to see officer; 6:37, Main Street, detailed to library for tree lighting; 6:51, Boynton Street, request to speak to officer, unwanted person; 7:31, Railroad Street, 911 hang-up; 7:40, Main Street, report of possible operation under influence; 11:52, Mason Street, report of tree down.

Saturday, Dec. 3

A.M. 12:40, Chestnut Street, commercial alarm activation; 1:39, West Street, request for officer to check area; 2:08, Railroad Street, 911 hang-up; 3:02, First Avenue, request to check on welfare; 7:50, Shawnee Road, vandalism to motor vehicle; 10:22, Brookline and Park streets, arrest adult male, possession of Class D substance.

P.M. 3:57, Jewett Street, request for officer regarding hunters in area; 8:02, Main Street, mutual aid request to Groton; 8:57, Townsend Street, erratic operation; 9:18, Mill Street, domestic disturbance with girlfriend.


Friday, Dec. 2: Andrew G. Hardy, 25, homeless, unknown address, disturbing the peace, disorderly person, malicious destruction of property; Daniel E. Waterman, 27, 21 Bemis Road, disorderly person, resisting arrest.

Saturday, Dec. 3: Thomas S. Boyle, 21, 11 Cheyenne Road, illegal possession of Class D substance.


SHIRLEY — The Shirley Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, Dec. 5 and Wednesday, Dec. 7:

Monday, Dec. 5

A.M. 8:05, Fredonian Street, truck unloading at Dunkin’ Donuts blocking traffic.

P.M. 1:05, Leominster Road, fire alarm, accidental; 7:54, Front Street, larceny over $250; 9:10, Front Street, suspicious activity.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

A.M. 8:35, Maple Street, motor vehicle lockout; 8:49, Longley Terrace, red truck trespassing in area; 11:43, Shaker Road/Pheonix Park, larceny; 11:49, Whitney Road, breaking and entering.

P.M. 1:34, Ayer Road, ambulance call for female party, transported to Nashoba Valley Medical Center (NVMC); 4:12, Great Road, disabled motor vehicle, damage to front and rear and flat tire; 4:29, Groton Road, disabled motor vehicle; 8:52, Garrison Road, breaking and entering; 11:08, call for a dog found wandering on Horsepond Road.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

A.M. 3:56, Ayer Road, ambulance call for male party with difficulty breathing; 6:55, Route 2E, accident with personal injury; 7:22, Chapel Street, report of lost or stolen wedding ring; 10:33, Catacunemaug Road, vandalized trucks; 11:03, Amanda Lane, animal control officer requested.

Monday, Dec. 5: James P. Carlan, 47, 23 Hazel Street, Hollis, N.H., operating after suspension of license, warrant.


TOWNSEND — The Police and Fire departments responded to the following incidents between Friday, Dec. 2 and Sunday, Dec. 4:

Friday, Dec. 2

A.M. 4:12, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 5:35, Main Street West, vandalism; 9:45, Spaulding Street, officer wanted.

P.M. 2:16, Main Street East, officer wanted; 2:36, Wallace Hill Road, ambulance call; 2:45, Main Street East, larceny; 4:43, Woodland Drive, ambulance call; 11:47, Gilchrist Street, motor vehicle accident with injury.

Saturday, Dec. 3

A.M. 1:40, Main Street West, motor vehicle complaint; 3:36, Main Street West, burglar alarm; 6:35, Squannacook Terrace, ambulance call; 10:15, Main Street East, larceny; 11:31, Laurel Woods drive, vandalism.

P.M. 4:20, Main Street East, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 5:13, Main Street East, suspicious activity; 10:17, Warren Road, animal complaint; 11:17, Route 119 East, motor vehicle complaint.

Sunday, Dec. 4

A.M. 12:51, Route 119 East, motor vehicle complaint; 2:00, Main Street East, operator under the influence; 5:09, Turnpike Road, ambulance call; 5:30, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 8:51, Main Street West, lost and found; 9:16, Hickory Drive, suspicious activity.

P.M. 12:57, Barker Hill Road, domestic/family; 12:59, Wallace Hill Road, domestic/family; 2:02, Depot Street Extension, officer wanted; 8:04, Depot Street Extension, officer wanted; 8:19, Barker Hill Road, suspicious activity.


Sunday, Dec. 4: Daniel McGrath, 41, of 5 Scotia Drive, Pepperell, failure to keep right for oncoming motor vehicle, failure to keep right on a hill with an obstructed view, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, third offense, possession of a class D substance (marijuana).