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TOWNSEND — Members of the North Middlesex Regional School Committee were treated to an array of holiday selections performed by the NMRHS Chorus and Band at their meeting Monday.

Vocalists included Cassina Brown, Rob Burnham, Michael Burns, Abigail Clarke, Jeremy Flinkstrom, Taryn Graybeal, Steve Hamel, Samantha Hough, Katie Larkin, Tony Marciello, Ashlie Matthews, Brendan McCann, Joel Reed, Elizabeth Rousseau, Lauren Sciacca, Kristen Swanson, and Ashley Tarr.

Band members include, Joanne Wheeler, Lindsey Kelloway, Steph Davis, Trevor Roche, Laura Jastrab, Kerry Barret, Freddy Wheeler, Andrew Dow, Laura Bailey, Marissa Lowe, Lucas Brinkman, Anthony Ead, Jen Mourey, Katie Fitzgerald, Dave Urbanowski, Kim Heymann, Matt Gustafson, Margaret Virzi, Ben Mahon, Kathryn Michrevich, and Aaron Goupil.

After the musical festivities concluded, Superintendent of Schools James McCormick announced and congratulated five members of the Jazz Ensemble for their acceptance to the 2006 Massachusetts Music Educators Association Central District Jazz Ensemble. The musicians are Dylan Coleman, Tunstall-bass; Jeffrey Fennell, alto-sax; Aaron Goupil, baritone sax; Margaret Virzi, trumpet; and Alan Mattila, trumpet.

Students that were selected to the Central District Band and Chorus were also congratulated by McCormick. These students are Mike Burns, Samantha Hough (who is also an all state alternate), Katie Larkin, Jillian Layne, Brendan McCann and Joel Reed.

Band members selected are Trevor Roche and Joanne Wheeler.

The Chorus Director is teacher Michelle Victoria, and the Band Instructor is Lou Stamos.

McCormick also had the honor of presenting the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendent’s Certificate of Academic Excellence to Miss Rebecca Shuford and Mr. Kyle Buchholz.

McCormick also announced the North Middlesex Regional School District donated a total of $3,577 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Relief Funds. The money was collected by students and teachers, and the check was sent to the north central Chapter of the Red Cross in Leominster.

“Nissitisset Middle School Principal Michael Tikonoff played a critical role in the organization of the Katrina Fund drive,” McCormick said.