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AYER — Selectman Frank Maxant used the public input portion of the Board of Selectmen’s (BOS) meeting Tuesday to raise more questions about the Ayer Police Department.

In response, Ayer Police Chief Richard Rizzo said such behavior is the reason why he lodged a complaint with Maxant in the first place.

During the meeting, Maxant noted a young notary public in Ayer named Corey Humphries who is circulating a petition seeking information about misconduct from the Ayer Police Department (APD). He also expressed concern that the anonymity of those who filed complaints could be compromised by action from the police department.

Maxant said Humphries had taken several notarized statements against the department, but was concerned because Detective Brian Gil had requested and obtained copies of those documents.

In closing, Maxant asked police Chief Richard Rizzo to keep close tabs on the situation to avoid anything untoward.

Rizzo was not asked to respond to Maxant’s comments, but did discuss them the next day.

“I was dismayed that he brought that up at an open session, but (I was) not surprised,” said Rizzo. “What he described is inaccurate … The documents obtained by the detective were not notarized.”

“I found his statement insulting that he concluded Detective Gil would do that for something other than what’s appropriate,” he said.

Rizzo said he could not comment on the situation further due to an ongoing criminal investigation.

Maxant has had issues with the local police department, which he has said stem from numerous resident complaints. In return, the department has lodged a complaint with the selectmen in response to what they term unprofessional behavior from Maxant.

This sort of behavior was the reason he filed a complaint against Maxant in the first place, Rizzo said.

“If Mr. Maxant had a question about what we did, I would have hoped he would have called me about it,” he said.