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AYER — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Saturday, Nov. 26 and Wednesday, Nov. 30:

Saturday, Nov. 26

A.M. 12:06, East Main Street, general services; 12:37, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 1:38, Daybrook Drive, suspicious activity; 1:54, Old Groton Road, assisted other agencies; 8:23, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 10:32, Pleasant Street, parking complaint; 10:58, Pleasant Street, vehicle accident; 11:29, Washington Street, parking complaint.

P.M. 12:43, Sandy Pond Road, emergency services; 1:20, Isaacs Lane, fire alarm; 1:58, Groton Harvard Road, assisted citizen; 3:36, Park Street, traffic citation; 3:53, Park Street, traffic citation; 4:35, Atherton Street, animal complaint; 4:59, Washington Street, traffic citation; 5:17, Old Groton Road, traffic citation; 5:30, Washington Street, traffic citation; 5:51, West Main Street, assisted other agencies; 5:53, Washington Street, traffic citation; 6:09, Washington Street, traffic citation.

Sunday, Nov. 27

A.M. 1:19, Depot Square, disturbance ending with an arrest and two juveniles being taken into custody; 6:07, West Main Street, burglar alarm at the animal hospital; 9:02, Vernon Street, vandalism; 10:10, Groton Shirley Road, animal complaint; 11:21, Sandy Pond Road, animal complaint; 11:41, Nashua Street, assisted citizen.

P.M. 12:00, Littleton Road, medical call; 1:58, Old Groton Road, assisted other agencies at the Nashoba Valley Medical Center; 4:16, Washington Street, death reported; 7:11, Snake Hill Road, suspicious activity; 8:42, West Main Street, traffic citation; 11:36, Harvard Road, traffic citation.

Monday, Nov. 28

P.M. 3:33, Sandy Pond Road, vehicle accident; 3:51, Old Groton Road, missing person reported from Apple Valley Continuing Care; 4:08, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 4:31, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 4:48, Washington Street, traffic citation; 5:01, Littleton Road, traffic citation; 5:40, East Main Street, assisted other agencies; 6:03, Willow Road, traffic citation; 6:36, Cambridge Street, parking complaint; 10:01, Main Street, incapacitated person; 11:53, Main Street, homeless person taken into protective custody.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

A.M. 1:25, Willow Road, burglar alarm; 1:41, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 4:09, West Main Street, suspicious activity at the Devens Plaza; 6:34, Park Street, parking complaint; 7:25, Park Street, assisted citizen; 11:00, West Street, executed search warrant; 11:35, Snake Hill Road, civil complaint.

P.M. 1:44, Park Street, assisted other agencies; 11:45, Littleton Road, suspicious activity; 10:04, Littleton Road, suspicious activity at Gervais Ford; 11:48, Harvard Road, suspicious activity at Mr. Mikes Citgo.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

A.M. 2:02, Molumco Park, suspicious activity; 8:29, Pleasant Street, medical call; 10:05, Sandy Pond Road, parking complaint; 10:22, Sandy Pond Road, traffic citation; 10:41, Columbia Street, traffic citation; 10:42, Fitchburg Road, traffic citation; 11:20, East Main Street, traffic citation; 11:57, Groton School Road, vehicle accident resulting in a traffic citation.


GROTON — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Wednesday, Nov. 23 and Monday, Nov. 28:

Wednesday, Nov. 23

A.M. 7:18, West Main Street, call for ambulance; 9:03, Main Street, accident, property damage; 10:12, Willowdale Drive, motor vehicle lockout.

P.M. 1:02, Townsend Road, traffic hazard; 1:05, West Main Street, call for ambulance; 1:56, Main Street, accident, property damage; 2:28, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport; 4:26, Pepperell Area, serve summons; 4:40, Boston Road, motor vehicle lockout; 5:32, Lowell Road, traffic hazard; 5:34, Main Street, traffic hazard; 9:19, Main Street, general disturbance; 9:42, Lowell Road, motor vehicle complaint; 11:52, Hoyts Wharf and Cow Pond Brook roads, operating under the influence.

Thursday, Nov. 24

A.M. 5:02, Main Street, building found open; 6:23, Old Ayer Road, accident, personal injury; 6:49, West Street, accident, property damage; 8:42, Boston Road, vehicle off road; 8:43, Boston and Gay roads, vehicle off road; 10:08, Main Street/South and Pepperell roads, vehicle off road; 10:11, Chicopee Row, vehicle off road; 10:57, Lowell Road, accident, property damage; 11:07, Moors Road, traffic hazard; 11:41, Nashua Road, building found open; 11:49; Alder Road, vehicle off road, 11:53, Farmers Row/Mill Street, vehicle off road.

P.M. 5:18, Mara Lane, call for ambulance; 5:22, Nashua Road, fire; 9:19, New Pond Road, equipment violation.

Friday, Nov. 25

A.M. 11:06, Nod Road, hit and run.

P.M. 11:49, Longley Road, motor vehicle complaint.

Saturday, Nov. 26

P.M. 3:12, Boston Road, vehicle disabled; 3:39, Main Street, warrant for arrest; 9:59, Forge Village Lane; call for ambulance.

Sunday, Nov. 27

A.M. 8:05, Academy Drive, motor vehicle lockout; 10:32, Old Ayer Road, motor vehicle lockout; 10:48, Main Street/Powderhouse Road, equipment violation.

P.M. 5:09, Main Street, equipment violation; 8:05, Crosswinds Drive, motor vehicle complaint.

Monday, Nov. 28

A.M. 5:09, West Main Street, call for ambulance; 6:01, Adams Avenue, business alarm, 8:40, Pleasant Street, prisoner transport; 11:20, Gay Road, call for ambulance.

P.M. 4:05, Lowell and Burntmeadow roads, motor vehicle complaints; 4:20, Lowell and Old Dunstable roads, breaking and entering to motor vehicle; Main Street, 5:19, hit and run; 10:11, Powderhouse Road, suspicious person.


HARVARD — Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Monday, Nov. 21 and Friday, Nov. 25:

Monday, Nov. 21

A.M. 1:26, Mass Avenue, check parked vehicle; 5:34, Route 2W, ambulance assist, fire department call; 6:58, West Bare Hill Road, ambulance; 7:10, Eldridge Road, medical call; 7:10, Candleberry Lane, residential burglar alarm; 9:28, station, request to speak to officer; 11:45, Ayer Road, general services; 11:49, Prospect Hill Road, fire department call.

P.M. 12:45, station, general services; 12:48, Simon Atherton Row, suspicious vehicle; 2:04, Shaker Road, general, medical call; 3:17, station, request to speak to officer; 3:10, motor vehicle accident, car versus deer.

Monday, Nov. 22

A.M. 7:04, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:24, station, general services.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

A.M. 3:00, Route 2E, traffic stop; 3:34, West Bare Hill Road, ambulance call; 6:50, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 7:18, same; 9:00 ,Ayer Road, medical call, 9:53, Littleton County Road and Whitney Lane, general services.

P.M. 12:14, Ayer Road, general services, 8:44, Brown Road and town line, check area; 8:59, Finn Road and Hill crest Drive, check area.

Thursday, Nov. 24

A.M. 1:18, Prospect Hill Road, dead deer, animal control notified; 1:29, Mass Avenue and town line, request for police; 1:34, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 5:38, town wide, DPW call-out; 8:19, Littleton County Road, fire department; 8:34, Brown Road, motor vehicle accident; 8:46, Route 2E, motor vehicle accident; 11:34, Ayer Road, motor vehicle accident.

P.M. 1:06, Brown Road, residential burglar alarm; 2:32, Whitney Road, alarm sounding in area; 5:27, Codman Hill Road, Boxborough, mutual aid; 11:09, Holin Lane, Boxborough, mutual aid.

Friday, Nov. 25

A.M. 8:31, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 8:39, same; 8:48, same; 8:55, same; 9:22, Still River Road, traffic stop; 10:19, Ayer Road, traffic stop; 10:38, Ayer Road, check resident’s welfare; 10:57, Route 2E, traffic stop; 11:19, Ayer Road, traffic stop and tow; 11:37, Ayer and Mill roads; traffic stop.


PEPPERELL — Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Saturday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday, Nov. 22:

Saturday, Nov. 19

A.M. 9:13, Nashua Road, request for the ambulance.

P.M. 1:44, Main Street, animal control complaint, dogs found; 3:10, Hollis Street, suspicious activity reported, homeless person dropped off; 4:31, Main Street, transport subject to Lowell; 4:53, Nashua Road, attempt to serve summons; 6:27, Groton Street, request check of loud truck running for an hour; 6:30, Nashua Road, serve summons; 8:20, Foster Street, unknown problem, alarm sounding.

Sunday, Nov. 20

A.M. 12:33, Brookline Street, request for the ambulance; 12:40, Groton Street, report of possible verbal domestic disturbance; 4:24, Townsend Street, report of suspicious activity; 5:29, Brookline Street, gas odor reported in area; 6:56, Railroad Street, investigate damage to vehicle from vandalism; 11:08, Main Street, school alarm activation.

P.M. 12:54, Main Street, respond to civil matter; 1:33, Ashley Street, residential garage door alarm activation; 4:03, River Road, request for the ambulance; 4:09, Main Street, install child seat; 4:10, Mill Street, report of children on roof near mill; 4:48, Main Street, child seat installation; 6:57, River Road, respond to medical aid call.

Monday, Nov. 21

A.M. 5:43, River Road, request for lift assistance; 9:46, Julia Lane, report of illegal hunter.

P.M. 5:28, Palmer Road, serve extended restraint order; 5:35, Groton Street, request to speak to an officer; 6:46, intimidation of witness reported, no address given by police; 7:05, Railroad Street, serve restraining order.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

P.M. 12:47, Shawnee Road, request for the ambulance; 1:05, Foster Street, civil standby for property retrieval; 2:57, River Road, investigate 911 hang-up, misdial; 4:13, Pine Street, request for the ambulance; 5:13, Main Street, serve restraining order; 7:09, Main St


SHIRLEY — Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Thursday, Nov. 24 and Sunday, Nov. 27:

Thursday, Nov. 24

A.M. 2:21, Fitchburg Road, ran license plate and found hit on warrants; 6:59, Caleb Road, ambulance call for male with broken arm, transport to Nashoba Valley Medical Center (NVMC); 7:56, Lancaster Road, business alarm, accidental.

P.M. 1:57, Great Road, ambulance call for female party with difficulty breathing. transport to NVMC; 3:39, Squannacook Road, motor vehicle lockout; 5:57, Fredonian Street, suspicious motor vehicle doing donuts in Fredonian Park; 9:03, Fredonian Street, report of strong CO2 smell in basement.

Friday, Nov. 25

A.M. 1:44, Front Street, report of female whose boyfriend pulled her hair and hit her; 8:33, East Main Street, prisoner transport; 9:49, Main Street, assault and battery; 10:14, Main Street, business alarm, accidental; 11:20, East Main Street, prisoner transport.

P.M. 2:14, Lawton Road, motor vehicle lockout; 2:28, Clark Road, report of two loose dogs; 3:30, Robertson Road, report of two missing golden retrievers; 3:53, Harvard Road, report of dog tangled around tree; 4:32, Davis Street, report of three dogs tied to tree; 8:40, Ayer Road, motor vehicle out of gas.

Saturday, Nov. 26

A.M. 3:31, Ayer Road, suspicious vehicle; 3:35, Front Street, suspicious vehicle; 10:15, Front Street, hit and run accident;

P.M. 2:09, Kittredge Road, ambulance call for 80-year-old female who had fallen; 7:53, Church Street, domestic disturbance reported for intoxicated person.

Sunday, Nov. 27

P.M. 4:05, Harvard Road, served summons; 5:25, Great Road, suspicious males in parking lot of Shirley Package Store; 10:17, Front Street, report of injured raccoon.


Friday, Nov. 25: Mark C. Rowe, 41, of 87 Front St., trailer 18, charged with assault and battery; Aaron R. Sawyer, 38, 19 Page St., charged with assault with a deadly weapon;

Wednesday, Nov. 27: Leonel Alberto Rodriquez, 35, of 156 Walker Road, charged with driving uninsured motor vehicle, unregistered motor vehicle and driving without a license.reet, request for the ambulance; 9:28, Mt. Lebanon Street, tree reported down in road.


TOWNSEND — The Police and Fire Departments responded to the following incidents between Sunday, Nov. 20 and Wednesda, Nov. 23:

Sunday, Nov. 20

A.M. 8:25, Jefts Street, vandalism; 11:29, Turner Road, ambulance call.

P.M. 1:07, Brookline Road, officer wanted; 7:08, Main Street East, disturbance; 7:54, Main Street East, arrest; 10:39, Proctor Road, motor vehicle lockout.

Saturday, Nov. 19

A.M. 5:56, New Fitchburg Road, assist citizen; 6:30, Main Street East, lost and found; 7:02, Main Street East, lost and found.

P.M. 12:10, Jefts Street, vandalism; 12:12, Aries Lane, officer wanted; 12:30, Warren Road, vandalism; 12:49, Lunenburg Road, motor vehicle complaint; 12:53, Wallace Hill Road, house alarm; 1:24, Warren Road, ambulance call; 1:42, Wallace Hill Road, house alarm; 2:21, Tyler Road, animal complaint; 3:28, Woodland Drive, house alarm; 5:39, Police Department, officer wanted; 11:06, Main Street, arrest.

Monday, Nov. 21

A.M. 12:35, Fitchburg Road, assist citizen; 8:07, Ash Street, house alarm; 11:10, Wheeler Road, ambulance call.

P.M. 3:03, Turnpike Road, officer wanted; 3:07, Main Street East, bank alarm; 5:41, Main Street East, motor vehicle lockout; 5:43, Brookline Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 6:49, Warren Road, fire alarm; 7:46, Ball Road, house alarm; 8:07, New Fitchburg Road, neighbor/tenant; 8:48, Main Street East, motor vehicle complaint; 10:04, Brookline Street, ambulance call.

Tuesday, Nov. 22

A.M. 10:48, Bayberry Hill Road, officer wanted; 11:01, West Elm Street, fire alarm.

P.M. 12:51, Main Street East, vandalism; 12:51, Emery Road, fraud; 2:51, Harbor Mall, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 3:23, East Haynes Road, fire alarm.

Wednesday, Nov. 23

A.M. 12:34, Elm Street Center, noise complaint; 3:52, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 8:12, Main Street West, animal complaint; 8:30, Main Street West, sue without authority; 10:01, Emery Road, officer wanted.

P.M. 2:38, Center Area, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 2:59, Scales Lane, burglar alarm; 5:03, New Fitchburg Road, suspicious activity; 5:14, Brookline Road, assist citizen; 6:42, Fitchburg Road, ambulance call; 7:10, Main Street East, motor vehicle lockout; 7:25, Dudley Road, suspicious activity; 8:17, Whitcomb Street, burglar alarm; 8:19, New Fitchburg Road, motor vehicle accident, no injury; 9:47, Brookline Road, assist other agency.


Saturday, Nov. 19: Adam Goulding, 25, of 1 Linden Street, Townsend, failure to drive in the right lane, speeding in violation of special regulations, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, equipment violations, possession of a Class D substance (marijuana,) possession of Class E substance (prescription drugs.)