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I want to thank the Hillside for doing an article on the Scrip Store Card Program and the purpose of this program to raise funds for Harvard Public School’s textbooks. I hope that those who read the article understood that the ability to raise funds through the Scrip Store Card Program is a great approach to raising funds without it costing anyone anything. Let me explain — you purchase a Scrip Store Card for the stores you normally shop at and you get the card for exactly what you paid. You use it when you shop, like your debit card. The vendors give the PTA a percentage of the value of the card. If you go to the PTA Web site through, you can see the order form and how much each vendor contributes. These cards are good for everyday purchases or can be given as gift cards. They are good for seven years.

In communities smaller than Harvard, up to $70,000 has been raised for programs that might otherwise have been funded by taxes. Currently, the funds we raise are being used for school textbooks. We will publish on the PTA Web site what books we are purchasing as we collect enough funds. There is a need for at least $30,000 in books. But think of the opportunities beyond that if everyone in town participated in this program. Outside funds would be supporting some of our education system and possibly more. People in town have asked for alternatives; here is a good one. I hope everyone participates. Right now you can go to to the PTA site and get a form, fill it out and send it in and your cards will be in your hands in 10 days. It’s that simple.



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