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Charge vs. Comets

The Charge continued their scoring display against the Comets as goals were scored by Alexis Reidy, Jessie Sullivan, Stephanie Epstein Hadley Beauregard, Andy Parenteau, Nick Montibello, Spencer and Cameron Schmidt. After scoring his first goal of the season last week, Jackson Reidy assisted in the offense with great passing. Maddison Caten played great defense throughout the game.

For the Comets, the more skilled kids – Sean Lynch, Grayce and Emma Kinney played very well and all scored a couple goals. The younger kids Brennan Pepe, Michaela McLaughlin and Katarina Menice all scored their first ever PYSL goals. Great job by all!

Fury vs. Force

Team Force played with energy, sportsmanship and scored many goals. In unified fashion, team Fury got goals from Joseph Couto, Elana Copson, Derek Pinkerton, Liam Nye, Madeline Harrington, Sarah David, and Allison Holm, while Harry Sauer, Riley Patenaude, Madeline Harrington, Sarah David, Zachary Rea, and Allison Holm earned crucial assists. Key defensive blocking plays were made by Kathryn Tarantino, Madeline Harrington, Elana Copson, Harry Sauer, Allison Holm, and Liam Nye.

Crusaders vs. Renegades

The Crusaders showcased lots of hustle and strong teamwork, led by Matthew Andreason and Hannah Nolan as the most notable goal scorers, while Seth Drahusz, Ty Clemetson, Colleen Fitzgerald, Kristiana Albert, Christopher TenBroeck and Brendan Cerone added impressive goals. Hannah, Colleen, Brendan, Nicholas Cerone, and Seth, used strong dribbling skills and lots of speed to work the ball down the field with their teammates. Alison Hannon, Ty, and Kristiana supported the Crusaders with lots of hustle out on the field. Nicholas and Christopher displayed great defensive work. Amanda Marcoux and Matthew showed great use of the drag back move to turn the ball upfield.


Earthquakes vs. Fire

The Earthquakes overwhelmed a stingy Fire defense with relentless offensive pressure throughout the game. The crowd erupted when Bryson Tang dribbled in from the right wing and fired a knee high shot past the Fire defense and into the back of the net. Other scorers included Madelyn Hallisey, Annika Jurgilewicz, Bailey Lohnes, Joseph McCall and Julia Sheehan. A strong Earthquake defense demonstrated some dribbling and passing skill, led by Bailey Lohnes, Madelyn Hallisey, Joseph McCall, Dylan Petito and Christopher Douglas.

Rapids vs. Revolution

Team Rapids showed what they have learned and played an enthusiastic game. Sabrina Santoro scored the first goal with a breakaway run. Excellent passing between Joe Haskins, Justine Estrella, and Sage Clemetson kept the team from bunching up. Elijah Taylor made some smooth “drag kicks” to take the ball away from the opposing team. Katelyn Bertozzi and Sage Clemetson helped Lauren Wyllie earn two goals. Jayne Maranda made some fabulous defensive plays as well as some great passes. Shawn Lynch set up Parker Lane for a goal unfortunately Parke’s shot bounced off the post. Towards the end of the game Elijah Taylor passed the ball to Parker Lane, surrounded by the opposing team, scored a well-earned goal!

Bulldogs vs. Breakers

Meg Richardson, Kathryn Douglas and Margaret Ritchie all scored, but the best part of the Breaker’s offense was the passing. Sophie Darabaris, Graylen Scarsdale and Micheal Farren each opened up the field with their unselfish play. Adam Rubinic and Jake Rea hustled on defense. In his first game with the Breakers, Brad Lavasseur played well on both sides of the ball. Best hustle of the day goes to Juliana Wooldridge who looked sharp and played hard throughout the game.


Freedom vs. United

Team United enjoyed another strong week of team play and improved performances. Keenan Kimetto’s skill and strong kicking added depth in his first U10 game. Working well on defense and offense, Nina Vogelsang and Richard Kelley continued good passing and defending. Strong goal keeping duties were handled by Melissa Domine (1st half) and Mikayla Guild, who took goal for her first time. Cam Lane seemed to be on both sides of the field at once, defending strongly while netting a goal on a blast. Providing the assists, Sam Buck and Paolo Sisti used sharp passes to lead Lane in for the score. Oren Karp was also a major factor in keeping the ball moving for the United.


The Pepperell GU10A team was fearless against the Townsend/Ashby team on Saturday. Marissa Drahusz made a great pass to Taylor Pomeroy for the first goal of the game. Shortly after, Taylor Pomeroy made a breakaway and scored her second goal of the game. Although Townsend/Ashby put up a strong fight, the Pepperell defensive players were awesome in keeping the ball away from the net throughout the game. Chloe Aiken showed strong ball control both offensively and defensively and Elena Beauregard demonstrated fantastic goal tending. Sarah Murphy scored an exciting goal assisted by Taylor Pomeroy soon after the first half. Marissa Lafosse exhibited strong tackling and great offense during the game. Allyson Lynch and Alannah Daly showed extreme determination and great hustle on the field both offensively and defensively. The ball could not get by Lauren Sheehan who was a solid defensive player throughout the game. Molly TenBroeck scored the final goal for the team assisted by an excellent pass from Elena Beauregard. All of the girls displayed great passing and strong team effort for an exciting game!

The Pepperell GU10B team visited Maynard and received strong defense from Kate Maranda, Samantha Libonate, Meaghan Turcotte and Macey Lorden. On offense, Lauren Foley and Kylene O’Neill shined with a goal each. The team displayed skilled passing and awareness throughout the game. AbbyRae Bradbury and Macey Lorden each tended goal for a half and each had some wonderful saves. Working hard on offense were Jenni Sheridan, Julia Church, Megan Zaloudek, and Lauren Kennedy. Meaghan Turcotte dazzled the crowd with her footwork bringing the ball all the way up the field several times and Samantha Libonate displayed non-stop hustle throughout the game.

The Pepperell GU10C team played Maynard on Saturday. Blair Izbicki for the second week in a row started the game with the first goal with nice assists from Katherine O’Shea and Kayla Delaney. Amy Flournoy scored the second goal with great passing from Morgan Amiot and Emily Flavin. Goalie Brittany Berenger made a nice save for the team during the first half. Danielle Beauchesne started the second half with the third goal, Brittany Berenger with the fourth and Holly Reardon topping the morning off with another goal.


Pepperell BU14 4

Ayer/Shirley 0

Pepperell bounced back after a tough loss last week. A last minute scratch left Pepperell without a starting goaltender at game time, and Ryan Trust was called upon to start. Ryan did a great job in keeping all shots from reaching the back of the net.

Pepperell held a slim 1-0 halftime lead, but the team was fairly relaxed. By a team vote, Tyler Tenbrook was called upon to start the second half in goal. Tyler did a great job preserving the shutout, at one point he made a great fake and allowed a corner kick to pass the goal line so that a fullback could clear it to an open midfielder. It was an incredible play because that is something that you usually don’t practice, let alone attempt during a game. Myles Danforth netted two goals, while Eric Faxon and Nick Smith each added one. This week’s game balls go to Liam McCann who played a super game as fullback, Liam made some stellar plays preserving the shutout and distributing the ball to the midfielders. The other game ball was presented to Chris Schott, who seemed to be everywhere on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. With Chris’s hustle, Pepperell dominated the midfield, which allowed Pepperell to have many great scoring opportunities.

Next week the team will be split into two groups to compete in the annual Pepperell Fall Classic Soccer Tournament.

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