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X launches online Jewish community


AREA — Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Caren Boroshok was raised as part of a small, closely-knit Jewish community. Her parents raised her to be an active and involved in Jewish culture and philanthropy.

“There were so few of us that we had to stick together,” says Boroshok, an Acton and Groton resident since 1997. “I felt that sense of community was missing here despite our common bond.”

When her father passed away last summer, Boroshok felt even more of a need for a Jewish community free of the communication barriers between synagogues and religious movements. “My father taught me that each of us is part of something bigger than any one person,” she says. “I wanted to give something to the community in his spirit.”

With the beginning of the Jewish New Year, she is launching the not-for-profit Nashoba Jewish Life, an online Jewish community at

The site, not affiliated with any temple or religious movement, is designed for people living in Westford, Groton, Acton, Stow, Chelmsford, and more, who desire a connection to the greater suburban Boston Jewish Community.

“We’re not quite in the MetroWest or the Merrimack Valley, so we’re often overlooked or under-served by Boston and suburban Jewish organizations,” explains Boroshok.

While most temples in the area provide worship services and some cultural fulfillment, there is a lack of a united Jewish community in the area despite their growing numbers.

In the spirit of her upbringing, Boroshok is letting local Jewish families know that they are not alone, and are part of a an expanding and vibrant population. The Web site represents a first step to being an online Jewish Community Center for the Nashoba Valley.

Nashoba Jewish Life coordinates information from many disparate sources and makes it easier for Jewish residents of the Nashoba Valley area to find each other and share Jewish activities. It serves as a directory or resource, from where to find Judaica to listing Jewish events for children.

The site is privately funded, and there are absolutely no ads accepted and no solicitations. Boroshok says the site is still new and offering limited content. She hopes that like the area’s Jewish population, Nashoba Jewish Life will expand as more members of the community interact and provide information to share with others. “It’s about community and sharing something we all have in common,” she says.

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