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Habitat presents 3 parcels as possible sites of home


SHIRLEY — Habitat for Humanity has presented the selectmen with three parcels of land as possible sites of a Habitat home.

“The place to start is to find a location that would work and then start the fund raising,” said Jacqueline Esielionis from Habitat. “I brought three parcels of land for consideration. The town owns a piece on Mount Henry Road and it’s on the end of a dead-end street. Another one is on Fredonian Street and was taken for taxes in 1939. The last one is a large three-family house that is at the end of Phoenix Pond.”

Megan Foley from Habitat said, “I understand you’re about 3 percent affordable housing now, and this will show the state that you are using creative ways to meet that [the state standard of 10 percent recommended for affordable housing units per town].

“What we would try to do is to get an active group together in Shirley and do an education campaign to raise awareness,” she said. “There is a lot of preliminary work that goes on before we actually build a house. It takes about $95,000 to build a house, so there will be fund raising. And of course the culmination is building the house.”

“Do you know what the zoning is on the Mount Henry Road?” asked Selectman Charles Shultz.

“It has to be R3,” said Esielionis.

“So it’s possible there are three lots there,” Shultz said. “What is the request for proposal for?”

“It is a request for proposal to build the house,” Foley said.

“I always thought that you had 20 people that volunteered,” Shultz said. “Say if you hired a nonprofit builder and he said it was $125,000 but you had Mike that came forward to say that he would frame the house, would that come off of the price of the building?”

“Yes, that would help the cost,” Foley said. “We have a full-time construction manager. We sell the house at no profit.”

The selectmen agreed to review the three parcels over the next several weeks and revisit the subject at a future meeting.

“I would like to at least identify a site that the selectmen agree that they would like to pursue,” said Chairman Chip Guercio. “I appreciate you coming in and continuing the interest.”

In other business, the selectmen held a moment of silence for resident William Scally who died on Sept. 29, at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester after a long illness.

“Bill was a member of the Cable Committee and filmed us here many nights,” said Guercio. “He was instrumental in a lot of our technology. He will be missed.”

Also Monday, the selectmen approved driveway permits for 53 Walker Road and 47 Longley Road.

There will be no selectmen meeting on Columbus Day, Monday, Oct. 10.

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