So, let's talk holidays. It's finally December and the pressure is on to buy everyone on your list the most fabulous gifts. In my opinion, there's nothing like giving somebody a gift you know they'll love. But this December is different. The fashion is better than ever, the season is longer due to an early Thanksgiving, and every girl on your gift list wants to be bold and chic. For starters, think of those you'll want to gift with jewelry.

Fine jewelry has recently gotten pushed aside for more low-key (price-wise) pieces. Now, women love bold necklaces, big-faced watches, and earrings that really attract attention. The switch from simple jewels has happened, so let's roll with it! Speaking for myself, I love chunky necklaces with many details. It's because if you're wearing a simple shirt, dress or even an outfit that's not very bold, a necklace like so can make a world of a difference. The same goes for earrings, too. Add some sparkling bracelets, or maybe even a blinged-out cuff, and you're ready to go. But just because bold is in, that doesn't mean you can't interpret simplicity into your look as well. Pile on the fabulous baubles, but don't forget that a few simple bangles could give you that extra shine you didn't have before. Every little thing counts, remember that! But in my opinion, it's better to have on one knockout piece and several simple pieces, than to have a bunch of simple jewels on and nothing to steal the show.


For suggestions on brands to buy holiday baubles for you or for a friend, here's my list: Kate Spade, Zara, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. At each one of these shops, you can find a designated spot for "costume jewelry" and lots of sparkling pieces with pizzazz, and at low prices, too. Remember that this holiday season is like no other, and every girl wants (and needs) a little extra sparkle.

Happy shopping!

xx, ZM