Brush fires

On Tuesday afternoon, April 9, a resident reported an out-of-control brush fire on Littleton Road. As it turned out, the fire was a permit burn and was being monitored.

A report of smoldering brush, possibly an unattended permit fire, led the Fire Department to a residence for sale on Ayer Road Saturday night, April 23. But there was no fire when they got there.

Suspicious activity

Early Tuesday evening, April 9, police responded to the Holy Hill area off South Shaker Road, where a caller reported a group of people, strangers apparently, congregated in the parking lot. Whoever the visitors were, they were gone when police arrived.

Tuesday night, a man reportedly seen on the baseball field by Ann Lees Road and Babbitt Lane was also gone on arrival, as were two boys an anonymous caller reported walking on Littleton Road at the Route 2 bridge. Apparently the boys were young enough to raise concern because they were unaccompanied by an adult, Officer Fortunato said.

Early on Wednesday afternoon, April 10, a parent of a Bromfield student who is also a teacher at the school called police to report a student driving "erratically" through the school parking lot. The teacher provided a plate number, Officer Danielle Fortunato said. As of last week, police had not yet contacted the driver but planned to do so, she said.


Wednesday night, a call came in from Mass State Police in Framingham, requesting assistance locating a female who had called E-911 from a cellphone. Apparently she was involved in a domestic incident while in a motor vehicle, which troopers thought might be in the vicinity of Poor Farm Road. Tracking the cellphone signal, state police found the vehicle the woman was in on Route 2 westbound. She was OK.

Suspicious visitor

On Thursday evening, a female resident called police after she was "spooked" by a vehicle that passed by her slowly as she walked on Woodside Road. Although police didn't locate the car and had no contact with the driver, they surmised it might have been guest from a gathering nearby, Officer Fortunato said.

OUI arrest

A 27-year-old Harvard resident was arrested Sunday night, April 14, for operating under the influence of alcohol (second offense) and additionally charged with marked-lanes violation and negligent operation during a traffic stop at Ayer and Still River roads.

A police car headed north on Ayer Road followed Erik D. Mitchell of Oak Hill Road after observing the vehicle he was driving "swerving and weaving" over the center line while passing through the four-way intersection, nearly clipping the cruiser. The vehicle was towed.