TOWNSEND -- Beginning Feb. 11, the Highway Department will begin the process of widening and pushing back the snow banks along the shoulders if akk roads. Once that is complete intersections will then be cleared of snow to increase visibility.

Why does the Highway Department Widen and/or Pushing Back Snow Banks

Following storms with heavy snowfall or when several storms result in substantial snow banks, the Townsend Highway Department will undertake a roadway widening procedure which will push back and shelve the snow banks. This is generally done during normal working hours, and is a necessary operation because it accomplishes the following:

* Provides room for future snow storage

* Reduces or prevents melted snow from running out onto the roadway pavement and creating icing conditions

* Opens up catch basins in the event it rains

* Increases safe sight distance at intersections and driveways

* Maintains a uniform line by eliminating protrusions at driveways and intersections

Unfortunately there is no way to prevent depositing snow in previously cleaned driveways or walkways. With thousands of driveways along our roads it is impossible to clear each individual driveway as the time and cost would be prohibitive.


Thank for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.