I am writing to ask that Massachusetts residents vote in favor of Question 3 in a show of support for compassion for patients across the state living with debilitating conditions.

I'm a quadriplegic who suffers from severe and painful muscle spasms in my legs, arms, wrists, and neck. I also suffer from intense pain that is the result of my spinal cord injury. I'm prescribed six OxyContin pills daily to help with the pain. I also take the muscle relaxer baclofen. OxyContin and baclofen are highly addictive. Withdrawal from OxyContin and baclofen can cause organ failure. OxyContin leaves me constipated and lethargic. And when I take baclofen I can't go outside in the sun to enjoy the fresh air, or play with my pets. But when I take medical marijuana it helps me reduce my use of these drugs. It eases pain and muscle spasms without all the dangerous side effects. My quality of life is so much better with medical marijuana than it is with OxyContin and baclofen.

That's why my doctors and my family support my medical marijuana use. Please vote Yes on Question 3.


Andrew Connelly