TOWNSEND -- You haven't imagined it.

Townsend cops have become furrier.

Townsend Police Chief Rick Bailey said the department is participating in a local version of "No Shave November" and needs the help of the community.

"Rather than support a national program, we selected NM Cares as our charity to keep our fundraising efforts local and support a cause that is have an impact on the wellness of our community," Bailey said.

Each department member participating is pledging $100 to NM Cares and the department hopes community members will donate to the effort as well.

The Townsend Police Department selected NM Cares, a local group which is tirelessly trying to spread the message about prescription drug misuse in an effort to curb opioid overdoses.

As a partner to the department, NM Cares holds educational and awareness events as well as offering support to those affected by the opioid crisis.

Officer Giles has been doing a great job of organizing the efforts of the department members who have showcased their beards on the Townsend Police Facebook page, Baily added.

"There have been over 5,300 people reached with the message so far, it would be great if folks could go on our Facebook page and publicly share our message so we can double that number by the end of November," Bailey said.

The efforts of the Townsend Police Department will go far in bringing awareness to our community on the dangers of prescription drug misuse, substance use disorder issues and drug use prevention, said Gail Newcombe-DerBoghosian from NM Cares.


Most importantly, it will help raise awareness on the negative effects of the stigma of those who suffer with this disorder.

Checks, made out to NM Cares, can be sent to the Townsend Police Department, 70 Brookline Road, Townsend MA 01469.