TOWNSEND -- Police Chief Rick Bailey has announced that department will join police departments from around the country in encouraging community members to bring expired or otherwise unneeded drugs to their drop-off location.

"It is our goal to remove as many unneeded prescription drugs from homes as possible," Bailey said. "All too often, prescription pills end up in the wrong hands. Six of 10 overdoes involve an opioid and each day more than 90 die because of an opioid overdose."

The drop-off will be held at 70 Brookline Road, Townsend, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

"The Townsend Police Department is doing everything we can to focus attention on drug addiction," Bailey said. "We are supportive of NM Cares and regional awareness collaborations, committed to educating community members about the dangers of drugs, and actively trying to prevent prescription drugs from being sold on the streets."

Participating in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is just one piece of the strategy.

During the last National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, 900,386 pounds of pills were turned into police departments from across the country and since the inception of the national take back efforts, over 7.1 million pounds have been destroyed, but there is still work to be done.

Earlier this year, Pediatrics shared a study showing a child's risk of a potentially fatal drug overdose more than doubles if a parent brings home a prescription opioid painkiller like oxycodone, codeine or morphine.


Johns Hopkins University discovered that nearly 70 percent of prescription opioids in homes with children are not stored safely. Easy access to drugs means that children can often begin taking pills from unsecured bottles without detection.

Community members can drop off pill form medications, however, liquids, asthma medicine, and needles are prohibited. The drop-off process is anonymous, you do not have to provide any information and you do not have to be from Townsend. To protect your identity, please remove any identifying labels from pill bottles.

Please help do your part and drop of your unwanted prescription drugs during this event.