TOWNSEND -- Police have identified the driver of a Toyota Prius that was allegedly involved in suspicious activity in the area of Timberlee Park on Aug. 10.

Police Chief Erving Marshall said the driver was seen in an area where children were playing, "acting suspiciously," according to a statement released by police. When approached by a man, the driver said he was lost.

When located by police, the driver, whom police have not publicly identified, was talking to a 15-year-old girl who was walking her dog in the area, Marshall said.

After extensive interviews conducted by police, the man admitted being in the area of an 11-year-old girl who was "frightened by his suspicious activities" while waiting for the school bus on Highland Street in January, according to the release.

The incident was relayed to parents of children attending school in Townsend. The information was also distributed through various media outlets, leading to reports of several other incidents in the area, according to Marshall.

The man has not admitted wrongdoing, Marshall said, and there is "insufficient evidence" to charge him with a crime. He does, however, remain under investigation by police and is on the department's "radar screen," Marshall said.

Marshall said he has not yet released information about the man, including his name, age and location, not only because he hasn't been charged with a crime but because he does not want to compromise the integrity of any future investigations.


The suspect's information has been relayed to other police departments in the event similar incidents occurred and no suspects were identified.

Marshall said parents should immediately report to police anything suspicious they or their children see by calling 978-597-2313.

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