Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol- and drug-free celebration for our graduates. It takes place at the North Middlesex Regional High School on graduation night.

The school is transformed into different countries and the evening is filled with entertainment, games and a nonstop food buffet right through to breakfast. There are prizes, photos, giveaways and memories to last a lifetime.

It has proven to be a huge success in its 10 years of existence here at NMRHS. More importantly, Project Graduation is a safe alternative to party hopping, keeping our graduates off the roads (keeping roads safe for all of us) and allowing parents to rest easy, knowing their son/daughter is celebrating safely.

This is all offered to the graduating class free of charge.

As lucky as we are to have Project Graduation at our school, it takes a lot to achieve this endeavor. It takes many volunteers, many hours of planning and preparation and a great deal of funds to be raised to be successful.

Therefore, the Project Graduation fundraising committee is sponsoring a Calendar Holiday Raffle. Our pay-out month will be December. Throughout the month of December, we will pay out daily cash prizes; for a $10 donation per ticket, a buyer will have 31 chances to win. A minimum of 400 tickets must be sold.

Please return the ticket portion above along with your payment ($10 per chance). Checks should be made payable to "NMRHS Parent Group" with "PG raffle" in memo box.


Make sure all information is complete and legible. Checks will be mailed directly to the winners.

Please help us reach our goal of selling 400 calendars by forwarding this to your friends and family -- who couldn't use extra cash? Please feel free to make copies.

We are always on the lookout for additional volunteers. If you would like to chaperone, help decorate, help with fundraising, contact us: email for information.

Thank you for helping to benefit Project Graduation as we continue to support all of our children throughout the Townsend, Ashby and Pepperell community.