TOWNSEND -- Members of the Townsend Finance Committee discussed an audit management letter recommending the Board of Selectmen appoint an audit committee to oversee the town's finances at their meeting on Thursday, June 27.

The Finance Committee will be considering whether to recommend the formation of an audit committee to the Board of Selectmen.

The creation of an audit committee was recommended in a state Department of Revenue report to help the towns correct deficiencies in finance systems.

Finance Committee member Carolyn Smart said even though it may be difficult to find people to serve on the audit committee, it would be a good way to monitor the town's budgeting.

"We need to seriously start looking at our sustainability with our increases in spending," Smart said.

Members of the board will be looking over the letter, and are planning to discuss it further at their next meeting.

The Finance Committee also unanimously approved a transfer request from the tax collector for $4,700 to convert information from the office's old software system to its new system.

The request was raised at the last Board of Selectmen meeting, where selectmen also approved it.

"I hope and expect this will be the last transfer we have to bring to the committee," said Town Administrator Andrew Sheehan.

"We're not overly thrilled about this, but we need the historical data. We don't have a choice.


We can't really go forward without it."

The committee also appointed Finance Committee Clerk Andrea Wood as the Finance Committee representative to the Capital Planning Committee, with no objections.

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