TOWNSEND -- Active duty, reserves, honorably discharged and retired veterans -- we need you to help honor all veterans this Memorial Day by walking with other veterans in the Memorial Day Parade this Sunday, May 26, starting at 1:15 p.m.

Memorial Day is a day for remembrance. It's that one day a year we remember all veterans, both past and present, reservist or active duty. Regardless of whether you served during war or peacetime, overseas or right here at home, you are still a veteran.

If you are looking forward to a long Memorial Day weekend, having a picnic, barbecuing or just relaxing, keep in mind, it's because of veterans that we are able to do these things, because we are a free nation.

Plan now to take just a few hours out of your festivities and join the veterans march. Feel free to wear your uniform if you have it, but civilian clothes are just fine for marching with your comrades. There will be cars available for those who can't march as well.

Show your veteran pride and support. Help teach others what Memorial Day is all about by showing them. At the end of the day, your barbecue or family gathering will be more special and rewarding knowing you really were a part of it.

The parade starts at the VFW Park on Route 119 in West Townsend at 1:15 p.m. and progresses through the town, ending at the Townsend Common.

Thank you to all veterans.

-- Townsend VFW Post 6538